They came. They saw. They overrode.





Low-level staffers in the governor’s office are likely scrambling today to ID the truck that ran over their boss lady — THREE TIMES — this week.

The folks over on Jones Street successfully overrode Bev’s vetoes of (1) a rewrite of The 2009 Racial Justice Act, (2) legislation allowing fracking in North Carolina, and (3) revisions to the current state budget.

Veteran legislature watchers tell me they cannot recall a NC governor ever being hit with such a trifecta.  But this is the kind of treatment you should expect when you (1) are a lame duck, and (2) polling as the nation’s most unpopular governor.

One interesting note: The N&O’s politics writers were convinced that Republicans would not have the votes for an override of the budget veto.  WRAL’s Mark Binker suggested just the opposite — throwing Democrat names that we had not heard before into the mix of override supporters.  


1 thought on “They came. They saw. They overrode.

  1. The really sad thing is that the pathetic wimp Tillis refused to put override of the Voter ID bill up for a vote. He cared more about his override percentage for his personal ego than he did for good policy or good politics. First he tried to water down the Voter ID bill, to make it meaningless, just so he could boast he passed such a bill. When conservatives did not buy that, he got into a snit and just let the bill die. So much for ”leadership”! This bill should have been put up for a vote as it was to hold the Democrats feet to the fire in an election year. Make them vote. Put them on record going against a popular bill in an election year if they dare. Don’t wussy out like Tillis did.

    Tillis and Stam are also said to have engineered the defeat of first version of the bill on not being bound by Global Warmist ideology on making coastal policy. He wussied out again, just so the Warmists would not be mad with him.

    We do NOT NOT NOT need a wussy like Tillis as our US Senate nominee in 2014. We have too many wussy Republicans already in the US Senate. Lets send one with some gonads instead.

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