ObamaCare & Pat McCrory: crickets and deafening silence (Here, have another fundraising letter.)

GOP governors across the nation are standing firm against ObamaCare in the wake of the recent Supreme Court ruling — pledging not to implement it or enforce it at the state level.

Governors from Florida, Virginia, Louisiana, and Wisconsin, among other places are stepping up and standing strong.

Polls are showing that most North Carolinians don’t want anything to do with ObamaCare.   Where is our governor-in-waiting Pat McCrory, in the wake of the abysmal Supreme Court decision?

I wrote before about a real lack of conservative leadership in the TarHeel state.   It would be nice to have ol’ Pat step up and stand with his future GOP colleagues.  Pat needs to sound off — tell the world that it ain’t gonna happen under his watch.

It would also be interesting to put Walter Dalton on the spot about ObamaCare.  Fears about the economic impact of ObamaCare have had a direct impact on the hiring situation here in North Carolina.  Now that the law is looking more inevitable, the economic picture can only get worse.

Do your part, Pat, to restore some confidence among the electorate.  Instead of sitting back and responding to Walter Dalton’s nonsense, go on the offensive against this horrible, horrible tax bill masquerading as health care legislation.


4 thoughts on “ObamaCare & Pat McCrory: crickets and deafening silence (Here, have another fundraising letter.)

  1. I think you are being a little critical of ol’ Pat. The Affordable Health Care Act (haha) makes no mention of him. In over 2400 pages of the legislation there is no mention of ol’ Pat. Therefore he is not going to comment on it. What the article does do is make one think about the article and comments on Roy Cooper interesting.

  2. Agreed. Pat McCrory needs to jump on this issue. He can put Dalton away with it. Dalton keeps trying to attack him on trivial things. Put Dalton on the defensive on something voters really care about. It also ties extremely well into McCrory’s jobs issue.

    1. I second that. I was never a Romney fan from the beginning, but at least Romney understands that this is a time to take a position and make a stand.

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