BOHICA: Bev goes ahead on ObamaCare implementation (Where are NCGOP & Gov. Pat?)

Friday is the deadline for the states to let the Feds know if they will be setting up health exchanges — Phase One in the implementation of ObamaCare.  State governments have a lot of say on this. GOP-controlled state governments in Alabama and Virginia and South Carolina have all said they WILL NOT set up an exchange.

Lame Duck Bev just announced today that she is moving forward with the establishment of a health exchange.

In North Carolina, we have a GOP-controlled legislature.  We just — overwhelmingly — voted in a Republican to replace Bev in the governor’s mansion.  Bev is still the boss, but NCGOP DOES have one hell of a mandate to block this effort in North Carolina.

Apparently, NCGOP staff have all gone on vacation.  The last we heard from mayor Gov. Pat, he was doing Fox & Friends and hitting Vegas with the Republican Governor’s Association.   The General Assembly Republicans are all huddling about seating arrangements in the next session.  WHO is looking out for US — the beleaguered, battered taxpayers?

Time to grab those ankles, boys and girls …