MSM: Big $$$ for Justice Newby is BAD (No problem with Coleman and SEIU)

Our local paperwhich was won multiple  Nobel Prizes and Peabody Awards, despite only publishing thrice weekly — is regurgitating leftist talking points about the Supreme Court’s Citizens United case and its “harm” to the political process.   Here’s another, more balanced perspective on the landmark Supreme Court case.

The paper is specifically decrying the amounts of money raised and spent by a super PAC on behalf of re-elected North Carolina Supreme Court Justice Paul Newby.  Meanwhile, the silence is deafening about SEIU’s takeover of the state employee’s “association.”    SEIU leaders have spoken favorably about Marxism and union members have initiated violent confrontations with Tea Party members and other Obama regime opponents. 

The media is so upset about Super PAC money going to Newby, but it doesn’t appear to be a problem that Linda Coleman — the Democrat nominee in the still-undecided Lt. Governor’s race — is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SEIU.   The left hates Citizens United  because it weakened their monopoly and leveled the political playing field for business people and average, ordinary, hard-working taxpayers.  Prior to the decision, pro-business candidates were subjected to a tidal wave of abuse funded by unions — and the business community was restricted from pitching in to help play defense.   * Ah, the good ol’ days.*