A new twist in NC House GOP Leadership race (Oh, and there is an ObamaCare deadline FRIDAY)




Well, the election is over.  It looks like the NCGOP staff has gone on vacation, since the web site does not appear to have been updated since October 25.    Mayor Governor-elect Pat is in Vegas, and the “honorables” in the NCGA are already jockeying for leadership posts in the expanded House majority for next session.  Meanwhile, Friday is the day that the state has to inform the Feds about setting up the exchange for implementing ObamaCare.  No one on the right — except FreedomWorks and us — seems to care.

If the state would refuse to set up an exchange, it would really throw a monkeywrench into the implementation of ObamaCare. It would be delayed for some time — providing business owners and other taxpayers SOME relief.   It would be nice to hear NCGOP raising cain about the situation.  It would be nice to hear from Governor Pat or some of the GOP “honorables” on Jones Street calling for a refusal to establish an exchange.  It’s ultimately up to Lame-Duck Bev.  There is a case to be made for not setting up the exchange.  North Carolina’s voters sure cast a lot of ballots supporting people opposed to ObamaCare. 

But NO — we’re all focused on who is going to fill the speaker pro tem seat vacated by the retiring Dale Folwell, and whether or not the majority leader job will remain ONE POST or be divided into TWO.  It appears that Speaker Thom Tillis and his allies were trying to push through a slate that included Skip Stam going to speaker pro tem, and David Lewis and Ruth Samuelson taking the majority leader duties.

Word comes today that nine-term GOP legislator Edgar Starnes(R-Caldwell)  has his eyes on the majority leader prize.  I don’t know much about Starnes, since he comes from the other side of the state.  So, I did some checking.  He gave some pretty good answers on the 2011 candidate survey from Civitas.   Starnes earned a pretty solid conservative effectiveness rating from Civitas.  He’s worked with John Blust on some legislation — so THAT scores points with me.   (It also scores points with me that both Blue NC and the folks at Chris Fitzsimon’s group HATE Starnes.  They posted a video that shows Starnes sitting on the House floor flipping through a novel while some commie-lib is ranting about how important it is that the House pass socialized medicine.  They got mad about it.  I thought it was kind of funny.)

Judging from what I learned about Starnes, he doesn’t look like the kind of guy to champion reparations.  It will be fun to see how this plays out, and if any more new faces pop up in the leadership race.