Another member of the Richard Morgan clique abandons ship

Now that their fearless leader has been reduced to political impotence and irrelevance, the group of General Assembly Republicans who sided with Richard Morgan to form an alliance with Jim Black is slowly but surely ditching their digs on Jones Street.  (A few of those folks lost primary challenges in 2004 and 2006. )

Some are heading off to greener pastures (see Brubaker, Harold) and others are dealing with bigger problems allegedly tied to efforts to cash in (see LaRoque, Stephen).

Debbie Clary and Mark Hilton retired from the legislature amid public disclosure that they had received taxpayer-financed loans from LaRoque’s embattled consulting company.

Now, word comes that Danny McComas, of Wilmington, is leaving the NC House to take an appointment as head of the State Ports Authority.  The timing of the appointment, at the end of Bev Perdue’s term, is unusual.  It’s also unusual to appoint a member of the opposing party to a patronage job.  It’s also unclear what qualifications McComas brings to the job.  He DOES own a trucking company, and ports DO have a lot of USE for trucks.  I am sure THAT — and any other potential for conflicts-of interest were thoroughly examined prior to the appointment being announced.