Deafening silence on ObamaCare from leaders of ‘conservative revolution’ in Raleigh




Gov Bill Haslam (R-TN), a moderate who campaigned for Pat McCrory this year, has announced his state will refuse to establish a health exchange called for in the federal  ObamaCare legislation.   That makes 24 of the 50 states that have gone on the record in opposition to cooperating with the implementation of ObamaCare.   Our neighbors in Tennessee, South Carolina, and Virginia are all part of that group of 24.  We’ve got a GOP governor coming into office in November.  We’ve got a GOP super-majority in the state legislature.  What is the problem?  Why can’t we get ANYONE in the leadership ranks of this ‘conservative revolution’ to say — with authority — that ObamaCare ain’t gonna happen here?

Legal experts say a flaw in the drafting of the ObamaCare legislation allows for state governments to refuse establishment of a health care exchange — a key component of this federal leviathan.  Analysts have suggested that the federal government simply does not have the resources to step in and set up all of these health care exchanges.  Lame Duck Bev has asked the federal government for money to set up a health care exchange in North Carolina.   Governor-to-be Pat, Speaker Thom, and President Pro Tem Phil got really excited about the Dorothea Dix lease deal with Raleigh.  But THAT is not going to damage the state and national economy.  ObamaCare IS.   Where is the passion to fight this travesty that is guaranteed to further wreck the fortunes of North Carolinians?

Grassroots activists have forced the issue by pushing a resolution — calling for state leaders to return the feds’ money and refuse to cooperate with ObamaCare — through the NCGOP executive committee.  The ball is NOW in the court of Pat McCrory, Thom Tillis and Phil Berger — the de jure leaders of Raleigh’s ‘conservative revolution.’   It is really hard to understand why these three are not moving aggressively to reverse course and put our state in line with the valiant efforts of our neighbors and those 21 other states.

Thom, Pat and Phil CAN’T possibly be worried about offending their voters.  It wasn’t a bunch of Obama-lovers who put them in power in 2010 and 2012.

It’s a time for choosing, gentlemen.  Either you’re with us, or you’re against us.  If you appear to be against us, the people will be against you on their next visit to the ballot box.