Feds turn off the money spigot for long-term unemployed in NC

Remember when those highly compassionate souls — Bev Perdue, Barry Obama, et. al — told us that unemployment benefits NEEDED to be extended by 20 weeks (even though we have NO money to pay for it)?  The time limit was 79 weeks, but it got bumped to 99.

Well, our “leaders” succumbed to the media browbeating and got it done.  North Carolina sunk deeper in debt  — borrowing money to pay for these extra benefits.

Recently, we’ve been seeing these astounding media reports about how the economy is getting better and jobs are coming out of the woodwork.  Anyone with two working eyes can look around and tell THAT is pure nonsense.

Well, let’s now go to the deal struck by Renee Ellmers and John Boehner to raise the debt ceiling. One of the concessions in the deal was cutting off unemployment benefit extensions for states where the unemployment rate was going down.

Well, Barry’s crew in DC has been playing with the numbers to make it look like unemployment is down (discounting people no longer looking for work, etc.)  just in time for the election.   That handiwork led to long-term unemployment recipients in EIGHT states  getting CUT OFF this past weekend.  (North Carolina was one of those eight states.)

So, if there are still no jobs — what are those people to do?  Head to Social Security and food stamps.  Move from one government teat to the next.

By September, EVERY U.S. state — except Alaska — will have cut off unemployment recipients in the 79 to 99 week range.   Being right on the edge of the big vote for president, Barry & co. will use these developments to bash the mean old Republicans for kicking all of these desperate people off of unemployment.

Republicans need to be ready for this.  It’s coming.