What? Vote fraud in good ol’ NC?


The General Assembly TRIED to get voter ID laws passed this session, over the loud vehement protests of Lame Duck Bev and her leftist cronies.  We were told that those laws are racist and hurt the poor.  We were told that vote fraud is such a rare occurrence in this state that  it’s not worth passing a new law.

Well, enter James O’Keefe and his crew … 

James O’Keefe is the left’s worst nightmare.  The granolas lay awake at night worrying that O’Keefe and his video camera are going to jump out of the closet and catch them doing something embarrassing.

O’Keefe  gained national notoriety with his video sting operations against ACORN.  More recently, he showed how easy it was for a young white man to walk into a DC polling place and ask for a ballot in the name of the current Attorney General Eric Holder (who is black).

O’Keefe also put together a great video sting against the leadership of National Public Radio — exposing them for the leftist propagandists we always thought they were.

Well — O’Keefe and his crew recently worked their magic in The Triangle:

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas exposed how easy it was for someone to walk in to a polling place and get Attorney General Eric Holder’s ballot, and now it has released another video that shows how easily non-citizens–and even dead people–can vote in North Carolina, a crucial 2012 swing state.

In the video, William Romero, an apparent non-citizen, is shown to be registered to vote in North Carolina. According to jury refusal records obtained by Project Veritas, Romero was recused for being a non-citizen. Yet when a researcher from Project Veritas went into the polling station, he found that not only was Romero still on the voting rolls but  the poll workers were more also more than willing to give him Romero’s ballot.

The video finds that another alleged non-citizen in Durham County, North Carolina, was on the voter rolls–and apparently voted in 2008 and 2010–even though he had been categorized as “code 7” in jury recusal forms, which means he had been excused as a non-citizen.  […]

Project Veritas’s video also shows how easy it is for a person to obtain the ballot of a dead person, and features a potential election judge who says he will “mostly support the Constitution of the state of North Carolina” because he now thinks it encourages bigotry after the passage of Amendment One that banned gay marriage.

He jokes that “we need somebody to run over [Supreme Court Justice Antonin] Scalia,” and later jokes “you should get him and [Justice Clarence] Thomas at the same time.”

Later in the video, on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a student who tells a professor that he illegally voted in Ohio and North Carolina is told by the professor to hope “no one will figure that out,” as the professor laughs. Another person on the campus compares voting fraud to speeding.

These are yet more examples of how much the country would be well-served by voter-ID laws.