Loyalty Oaths for the NCGOP?




If you thought the Democrat convention in Greensboro was fun, it’s looking like the June NCGOP convention might be trying to compete with its opposite number.

UNITY is the buzzword among GOP establishment types.  That concept was used to stifle Tea Party dissent in the primaries and get wayward — some say, nominal — Republicans like Howard Coble, Renee Ellmers and Walter Jones renominated.

Now, some circles within the NCGOP establishment are putting forth the following motion for consideration at the state convention:

Resolution Announcing Republican Unity for the 2012 Election

Whereas, North Carolina will be a battleground state in the 2012 Presidential election, and will be especially targeted by Democrats because Obama must win North Carolina to be re-elected, making our state so important that the Democrats are holding their nominating convention in Charlotte;

Republican primaries have been hard fought, but useful in bringing forth important issues and better candidates to face Democrats;

North Carolina and the nation have suffered under the policies of liberal Democrats–our state and nation doesn’t deserve and may not survive four more years under Barack Hussein Obama;

No other election issue is as important as defeating Obama; and

Republican policy solutions will grow the economy, improve government efficiency and remove undue restrictions on individual and economic freedom;

The North Carolina Republican Party, in Convention June 1-3, 2012 in Greensboro, NC will be unified in working diligently and effectively in electing Republicans at all levels; and

That regardless of any differences we may have had in the candidates we supported in the Presidential primary, Republicans will unite in working to elect Mitt Romney as President of the United States in 2012.

Really? Has the Party of Reagan come to the point of having to FORCE people to vote the GOP ticket?   And “no other election issues is as  important as defeating Obama” — really?  So, we’re wrapping ourselves around a MAN as opposed to ideas.  Will moving the Mittster into 1600 Penn automatically lower our taxes and get a lot of us back to work?  We’ve got a GOP legislature that can’t seem to find time to cut taxes.  We’ve got a GOP controlled US House bent on working with Obama and  “getting something done” .

What does this resolution say about the current state of the NCGOP?  Is the establishment REALLY that worried that The Tea Party might thumb their noses at the milquetoast GOP nominees and go third party?  I am sure no one had to pass a resolution demanding loyalty to Ronald Reagan.  Ideas are what have contributed to the growth and success of the GOP in the Tar Heel state.  NOT PEOPLE.

It’s interesting that we’re pushing this whole unity idea, while Richard Morgan is close to becoming the party’s nominee for Insurance Commissioner.  What about all of the members of “Republicans For Mike McIntyre”?   How many of those folks sit on the executive committee or h0ld party positions?  It’s great to tell conservatives that they must bend over, grab their ankles and smile while they take their McCrory and Romney.  But what about the establishment folks who cut sweetheart deals with Jim Black and Mike McIntyre?  Is UNITY a one-way street?