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O’Keefe coming to NC (bringing a bombshell)

THIS showed up on the Twitter feed of James O’Keefe, the guerilla cameraman who heads up Project Veritas and has collected sooooooo many political scalps in recent years: For the record, “Tomorrow” = TODAY.   My guess is that Barry Obama will not be releasing…

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Yet another ‘Friend of Brad’ makes the news

A guy in a ‘Hillary for Prison’ T-shirt jumps in front of the press cameras at a Trump rally in Arizona and starts chanting “Jews-S-A” at the press while everyone else in the building is chanting U-S-A. Of course, the drive bys dutifully pick up…

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From The CRP and Richard Nixon to AUC and Brad Woodhouse

It’s been said that history repeats itself. Those of us who are into political history remember the events during and shortly after the 1972 presidential election well. Then, there was a shady behind the scenes group called The Committee to RE-Elect the President (CRP or…

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#ncpol: Brad, Belize, bank — um, BOOM!!

James O’Keefe strikes again.    This time, James and his crew managed to sting Brad Woodhouse (brother of Dallas) and his comrades into accepting some shady money — with strings attached, of course — laundered through a shady Caribbean bank  by some shady foreigners.  Got it?  The…

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O’Keefe, Veritas tightening noose around Woodhouse, Hillary?

If you follow James O’Keefe on Twitter, you might get the feeling that a really big shoe is about to drop sometime around NOON TODAY; O’Keefe is calling out presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Democrat operative Brad Woodhouse (brother of NCGOP executive director Dallas Woodhouse)….

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O’Keefe video: Woodhouse group may have violated Watergate-inspired election laws

“The ‘Ducks on the Ground’ are likely ‘public communications’ for purposes of the law. It’s political activity opposing Trump, paid for by Americans United for Change funds but controlled by Clinton / her campaign.”  — federal campaign law experts cited in latest James O’Keefe video  …

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N&O dictation aids and abets Bartlett’s spin on O’Keefe video

    Today’s story on the alleged state board probe of last week’s Project Veritas video exposé of  North Carolina elections board issues makes it clear why hard-copy newspapers are going down the toilet: RALEIGH — In an undercover “sting” video that has caused a…

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Bartlett, N&O sweeping O’Keefe vote fraud video under the rug

      The fat man is singing to The N&O — and he, state elections director Gary Bartlett,  is poo-pooing the disturbing video evidence put forth by James O’Keefe and Project Veritas: A conservative filmmaker known for exposing ACORN debuted a new video Tuesday…

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What? Vote fraud in good ol’ NC?

  The General Assembly TRIED to get voter ID laws passed this session, over the loud vehement protests of Lame Duck Bev and her leftist cronies.  We were told that those laws are racist and hurt the poor.  We were told that vote fraud is…