What DEI hath wrought

DEI. Diversity.  Equity. Inclusion.  All that sounds NIIIIIIIICE, eh?

In Marxist dictatorships of yesteryear (and current day), a Communist Party membership card earned you all kinds of career or educational opportunities and special perks.  In today’s America, DEI awards special career and education opportunities and other special perks to members of approved “oppressed” classes of people.  White, straight males are the “oppressors.”  Everyone else is oppressed and is to be compensated for the “oppression” they have experienced at the hand of white, straight males.

In higher education, scholarships and admissions to colleges or areas of special study are governed by DEI —  white males need not apply.  Once you graduate from an institution of alleged higher learning, the corporate world subjects you to an even heavier dose of DEI.  Qualifications and experience be damned.  

We’ve seen DEI at work locally at Sandhills Community College. Statewide, it’s infested all of the University of North Carolina system.  That’s in spite of the fact the NCGOP has controlled appointments to the schools’ governing boards since 2010 and Speaker Tim Moore’s BFF has been the shot-caller at UNC HQ for years now.

In North Carolina,the NCGOP has had the ability to throw a monkey-wrench into this  madness and dramatically affect what happens on our campuses and in our places of employment.  Yet, instead of fighting DEI — Republicans have helped it grow.

Now, it appears Internet-based conservative watchdog James O’Keefe has captured the IBM CEO on video telling the truth about DEI — at least at his company.  For those who don’t know, IBM owns Redhat — a software company founded in the Raleigh area but purchased by IBM in 2019.

Here’s O’Keefe:

If Republicans are not going to stand up to stuff like this, WHAT GOOD ARE THEY?