UNC’s affinity groups: Keeping America segregated and agitated

The Marxists who currently control public education in this state and country have made it clear they have no use for MLK’s maxim about judging people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

Their latest weapon, DEI, is a nasty little system that breaks people up into groups based on their genetic code or psychological disposition:  female, black, Asian, indigenous, LGBTQXYZ++%$@*, Muslim, foreign-born, and the like.  These folks, we are told, are “the oppressed.”  DEI, we are also told, is aimed at achieving reparations — some say justice — for “the oppressed” from ”the oppressors.”

In case you weren’t aware, “the oppressors” are pretty much white, straight, church-attending men who may have voted for Donald Trump at least once.

It’s all just a slight variation from Karl Marx’s theme about the struggle between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie.  Dare to complain about the racket being run, and you risk being labeled a – *gasp* – “racist” or — *Gasp, gasp*- BIGOT.

At one time, we were told that dividing people up according to their genetic code is bigoted and unlawful.  Now, it’s all the rage among the political left and the public education bureaucrats.

One of the hottest trends right now in this area is something called “affinity groups.” What, pray tell, are “affinity groups” ?

So, by putting this crappe into practice in colleges, the point is being hammered home that you are not safe unless you are surrounded by people just like you.  The opportunity for learning life lessons is extremely limited.

Growing up, I had the opportunity to attend schools with students from all over the US and the world. Arguably, I learned just as much, if not more, outside the classroom than I did inside it.  Or than I would have by hanging around just with kids who were just like me. 

To me, morons come in all shapes, sizes, colors, faiths, genders, political party registrations, and sexual orientations. (So do good people.) 

Speaking of morons, let’s take a look at what the powers-that-be at The University of North Carolina have going on.  Since 2011 or so, the GOP has controlled the General Assembly and had a huge say in who gets appointed to the governing boards for all our state’s public universities.  For several years, House Speaker Tim Moore has had his BFF Clayton Somers stationed at UNC HQ in Chapel Hill as a “shot-caller.”

State Rep. Jon Hardister (R) – currently preoccupied with running for Labor Commissioner – has been chairing the Higher Education Committee for the last House session.  He has shown little to no interest in attacking this nonsense.  (Perhaps, an indicator of his effectiveness as labor commissioner?)

Republicans have been in prime position for more than a decade to restore some sanity to our state universities.  Alas, they’ve chosen to populate the governing boards with empty-suit campaign donors who have no clue about — and have no interest in – the goings-on at our campuses.

Take a look at some of the affinity groups that are chugging along under the cover of alleged Republican leadership.  Let’s start with UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School:

(“Latine” is not a misprint.  According to the libs, it is a gender-neutral way to describe people of Latin-American descent.)

Yes, this IS what it looks like: segregation, with benefits.  Scholarships are set aside for people of certain genetic makeups.  Academic and professional opportunities are set aside for “the oppressed.”  Your DNA matters a whole lot more than the quality of your performance.

Oh, the wider university community in Chapel Hill has even more kooky DEI and affinity organizations.   They have a LGBTQ Center AND a “Queer Graduate and Professional Students Organization.”

There’s also a “Womxn (not a spelling error) of Worth Initiative”  AND a First Nations Graduate Circle AND “Allies for Minorities and Women in Science and Engineering.”  (Apparently, there is a crisis regarding white male enrollment. I don’t see a damn thing out there for white male students. I guess that’s on purpose.)

Crap like this does nothing to prepare one for the real world — you know, what happens after graduation and you have to leave campus and get a real job. It actually creates a whole new generation of whiners demanding even more unreasonable “reforms” from employers. You know, like what they were given – based on their DNA — during those five or six years on campus. 

What happened to striving to be the best you can be? 

You struggle to save and pay for your children to attend one of our state campuses. Yet, DEI hamstrings them – especially young while males – from achieving on-campus and taking flight in the business world.

We’re apparently supposed to sit there, smile, and take comfort that the screwing of our kids is being done for the benefit of allegedly “oppressed” sub-categories of the human race.