STILL trying to ‘queer’ the Great Blackout of ’22

Oh, it was a memorable time which many of us in Moore County would like to forget.  It’s been one year since most of us lost all of our electrical service — thanks to nimrods unknown who used two Duke Energy substations for target practice one night.

It was especially cold.  For some reason, a lot of the retirees here in the area HATE street lights and most other forms of exterior lighting.  So, when the lights go out at night, it is really, really, REALLY dark.  

Harris-Teeter was basically The Red Cross.  They were the largest entity out there with a generator.  They served hot coffee and dinners to a lot of cold people.  It was also one of the few places where wi-fi was still working.

If you’re honest — unlike so many of the typical drive-by media types out thereyou saw the real story about how good people were to each other in a time of crisis. 

Pravda – our local drive-by rag – has been riding the sheriff’s department the whole year for failing to pin the sabotage on Trump-voting gay-bashers.  The blackout occurred the same night a ridiculous drag queen show was onstage in downtown Southern Pines.  (Some local church groups protested the show.  A bunch of gay rabble-rousers rolled in from out-of-town to counter-protest.)

To a handful of lefties – inside and outside Pravda’s newsroom – THIS had to be the work of right-wing extremists.  If you talk to people with current and former professional ties to the military, they’ll tell you that Russia and China BOTH have special ops teams trained to create internal, economic chaos within another country.   Our military also has teams trained along those lines, I’m told.   Given our close proximity to Fort Bragg (Yes, BRAGG!) and the significant presence of soldiers and their families residing here,  organized foreign sabotage becomes more and more of a plausible theory.  There were also similar attacks across the state and country around the same time.  Most all of them were in close proximity to military installations.  (*It’s not known if all of those locations had drag shows performing at the time of the blackouts.*) 

I’m sure that some of our enemies would love to test how our readiness to deploy from Bragg would be affected by something like – say – a blackout.   Disabling two substations shut down electrical power, phone service, and wi-fi across the county. One would assume it made communicating between Bragg and Moore County challenging. 

Despite all of that, the leftist morons were still yammering about how this had to be the Trump voting church people’s work.  Here’s Pravda:

In the minds of many, the two events are inextricably linked: the “Downtown Divas” drag show at the Sunrise Theater on the evening of Dec. 3 and the electric substation attacks that occurred about 20 minutes into the show.

Investigators have offered no evidence that the two are linked, though plenty of public sentiment has been spilled across dining tables and social media that the attacks could have been intended to cut short the show, which they ultimately did.

Several hundred drag show supporters and opponents demonstrated outside the theater leading up to the show but had largely dispersed when the power went out. […]

So, the cops have no evidence of links between the protest and the blackout?  So, then, WHY are you putting this conspiracy crap forward again as front-page “news”?

I’ve been a drive-by.  I covered more than my fair share of high-interest criminal cases.  I know that criminal investigations are conducted a lot like poker games are played.  You keep your cards close.  You don’t let the suspects know exactly what you know.  That’s how you get a lot of culprits to slip up.

The cops are not obligated to brief the local drive-bys step-by-step on everything they do.  Sometimes people get probed who are eventually cleared.  Drive-bys are great at slapping someone’s name out there. How good are they at clearing that person once the cops have cleared them?  Not very. 

As far as the 2022 Moore County blackout goes, it’s getting pretty clear that there was not much useful surveillance footage.  It’s also becoming pretty clear that the folks who did the deed were smart enough not to take their phones with them when they committed the crime.

It’s also getting clearer that none of the responsible parties has bragged about their roles in damaging the Duke substations and causing the blackout.  Big mouths are a popular method for finally catching culprits in cases like this.

Investigators have released ONE tidbit for public consumption: details on a vehicle of interest.  It’s described as a white or silver 2011-2017 Honda Odyssey minivan.  (I know.  Good luck with that.  Many a soccer mom in these parts has one of those in the garage.)

Our congressman Richard Hudson – exercising his vast experience obtained during his time as a professional ‘face-grabber’ and the CEO of a fictitious marketing companyhas sounded off on the investigation.  He told the drive-bys he does not believe the FBI is taking the investigation very seriously. 

Interesting. Not one word out of ol’ Rich about Duke Energy’s apparent lack of a serious security system to protect our electrical infrastructure.  They DO have a monopoly on providing us electricity.  You’d think they’d make taking down a WHOLE county a wee bit more challenging. 

It’s going to be tough finding a pol to criticize Duke Energy.  They do a great job of filling political pockets with cash.

Don’t get me wrong.  The FBI does deserve some grief. They’ve been quite goonish in their pursuit of pro-life activists and Trump supporters.  With the once-again rising threat of Middle East terror and our hemmorhaging southern border, the child trafficking crisis, and the fentanyl trafficking nightmare, I’d say the folks in the Hoover Building more than have their hands full.  I’d say a year-old transformer shooting lies way down the list behind those things.  Even IF you try to factor in the Southern Pines drag queens.