Bartlett, N&O sweeping O’Keefe vote fraud video under the rug




The fat man is singing to The N&O — and he, state elections director Gary Bartlett,  is poo-pooing the disturbing video evidence put forth by James O’Keefe and Project Veritas:

A conservative filmmaker known for exposing ACORN debuted a new video Tuesday that claims to uncover voter fraud in North Carolina.

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas put a 10-minute video on YouTube — which uses hidden cameras and people posing as others — that purports to identify two non-citizens and a dead man still on the voter rolls. It also digs into the vote on the constitutional marriage amendment by airing unflattering interviews with UNC-Chapel Hill officials and anti-amendment campaign supporters.

Gary Bartlett, the state’s elections chief, said his agency will investigate the claims in the video, saying it showed “a lot of things disturbing.”

It’s unclear, Bartlett said, if the claims are true and he acknowledges skepticism. He said the investigation probably won’t occur for a few weeks, saying it’s not a top priority for his office given the vote canvassing efforts underway after the May primary. “I think that when it’s all done, it’s not very credible,” Bartlett said, citing other political blogs already challenging the video’s evidence. “All it does is hurt the process. Our laws are based on honesty and self-policing.”

The elections agency also will investigate whether the people in the video who tried to vote in the name of another violated state criminal law by impersonating a registered voter. 

Gary.  You’re dismissing this video because some UNNAMED political blogs are questioning O’Keefe’s work?  You don’t think his work is credible — even though his previous projects have resulted in serious legal repercussions for the targets of his investigations?   Gary, you’re not a Democrat partisan hack anymore — allegedly.  You’re entrusted with protecting the integrity of our elections.

And political blogs are the LAST WORD in election law?  OK, then.  YOU’RE FIRED.  

If the laws really are based on self-policing, then WHY do we need YOU on the state payroll?

Shame on The N&O for performing par for the course.  Instead of accepting Democrat spin, WHY not actually dig into the things raised by the O’Keefe video?  Don’t be like Bartlett and pout because it makes your leftist friends look bad.

Stop taking dictation, Mr. Frank.  Get to work!