From The CRP and Richard Nixon to AUC and Brad Woodhouse

90It’s been said that history repeats itself.

Those of us who are into political history remember the events during and shortly after the 1972 presidential election well. Then, there was a shady behind the scenes group called The Committee to RE-Elect the President (CRP or CREEP for short) that ran around scooping up cash and perpetrating dirty tricks against President Richard Nixon’s liberal opponents.  

Lefties were full of outrage.  They pushed for an investigation that led to a lot of folks going to jail and the president being pushed out of office.

Fast forward to 2016.  Thanks to James O’Keefe and Project Veritas, we’ve learned a lot about anothwatergate_graphicer shady group tied to a sitting president (and his party’s presidential candidate) that spends its time scooping up cash and perpetrating dirty tricks against Clinton and Obama opponents. (For a refresher, click HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.)  That group is Americans United for Change (AUC),presided over by North Carolina native Brad Woodhouse — brother of the NCGOP’s Dallas.

Incitement of violence.  Money laundering.  Harassment of voters.  Disruption of campaign events. Illegal foreign contributions.  Those are just some of the allegations laid out in O’Keefe’s explosive videos about Woodhouse and AUC.  The latest sheds light on Brad’s group’s role in the notorious 47% video that helped sink Mitt Romney’s presidential bid in 2012.  Woodhouse employee Scott Foval brags on camera about a 25-person dirty tricks squad that helps out in cases like this. 

Back in 1972, CRP had a guy named Donald Segretti who orchestrated dirty tricks against McGovern — a lot like what Woodhouse and his team are accused of doing.  Segretti got a lot of help from two now-notorious guys named Liddy and Hunt.  

Throughout O’Keefe’s videos, Woodhouse’s team brags about how tight they are with the Obama White House and the Clinton campaign.  They suggest that both entities agree with their tactics and encourage them. ct-edit-nixon-watergate-resign-0807-jm-20140807

During Watergate, a delegation of Republican senators led by Barry Goldwater met with Nixon and encouraged him to step down over the scandal.  As the details around Brad Woodhouse, Americans United for Change, their antics, and their ties to Obama and Hillary continue to pour out, one wonders if there are similar people of character over on the left who will step in and say ENOUGH.