NCGOPe still not making nice with grassroots?

We’re getting oh-so-close to Election Day.  I’m hearing talk that a substantial number of early voters have been only marking TRUMP and no one else on their ballots.  And then you see something like THIS from the Gaston Tea Party:


teaI don’t see Pat McCrory, Richard Burr, or Patrick McHenry (this is his district).  I don’t see a state senator.  I don’t see the labor or agriculture or auditor candidates.   Take note of the disclaimer, marked with an asterisk, at the bottom of the list. 

I don’t know how large this group is, or how big of an impact they’ll have on the election.  But I can’t believe THIS is the only place this type of thing is happening.

The state party may limit the damage on Election Day.  But stuff like this indicates the continuing problem the party has with grassroots conservatives.  Stuff like getting mealy-mouthed on HB2, slandering and tossing out the duly elected party chairman, and sandbagging the ObamaCare fight  doesn’t help repair the damage.  

9 thoughts on “NCGOPe still not making nice with grassroots?

  1. Well they are not too discriminating if they choose to endorse Phil Berger Jr. who couldn’t even carry his home county in a US House race, a very conservative county.

  2. What is this hate for Phil Jr? Any reason besides some sour grapes from someone with a beef with his father?

    To the OP, anyway, I could be mistaken but I think that the state senator of Gaston County, a conservative Republican, is running unopposed and therefore, as the card states, not listed.

    Another poorly designed flyer, however. Not even listing Trump?

    1. You have to know him to understand what AT is referring to. PBJr is the Eddie Haskell of politics.

  3. SHAME on these folks for not supporting Trump!! NONE of these “ideologically pure” votes will mean squat when Hillary ushers in her brand of government — systemic pay to play corruption (does this not matter to you, you fools?!?), amnesty/generational Democrat voting block, radical Supreme Court judges (say good bye to what is left of the Constitution) and open borders. You are helping this country commit suicide with your stupidity.

  4. If we still had Hasan Harnett as chairman, we would not be having this split between the party establishment and the grassroots. The conspirators against Harnett crapped in their mess kit when they illegally ousted him, and the party will suffer. We need to remember that at our Congressional District party conventions. Their silly power play is costing us at election time. They are the ones who hired the incompetent egotistical fool Woodhouse, and then dumped the duly elected chairman.

  5. While there are definitely some systemic problems in the NC GOP, the real problem is the totally corrupt Washington GOP Establishment that hates its conservative base, favors open borders, supports deficit spending, and is in the tank for Hillary. These folks have been clearly exposed in this election cycle and the grassroots have finally figured out that the GOP is not their friend. In fact, the national GOP is a conservative fraud. Sadly, this realization has seriously dampened grassroots activism in NC. Why should we put up signs, hand out brochures, and contribute when the Bushes, Romneys, and Lindsday Grahams are all calling us racist nativists. The jig is up, my friends. Some good conservative candidates in NC will no doubt go down the tubes in two weeks, but the grassroots have just had it with the corrupt national party. I have never in my life seen such anger toward the Hillary-loving GOP Establishment as I hear from good Republicans everywhere I go.

  6. All the more reason to vote TRUMP!

    EVERYONE who is part of the “elite” hates him — giving me all the more reason to vote for him.

    Sit home and pout and you can kiss this country good-bye.

  7. Some folks ability to correctly reason, evidently, never fully matures. Those voting for anyone other than Trump are the poster children representing the mental disease that liberalism is.

    Browny Douglas

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