#ncga: Chris Malone FOR HB2 before he was AGAINST it (And NCGOP picks up the bill to market his flip-flop)

Here’s embattled Wake County Rep. Chris Malone (R):


If you look at the top left corner of the above image, you will see “Paid for by the North Carolina Republican Party.”  (Click on the image above to enlarge it.)  *Isn’t that special?*

selloutMalone was all-for HB2 during the special session.  Here’s the roll call vote.   What’s changed?

Well, the Democrats are carpet-bombing his county with negative ads. The NCGOP has done a lousy job defending themselves.  Self-preservation is subordinating principle and duty to constituents.   So, Malone — seeing his political career getting wobbly — decidI-Am-Weasel-i-am-weasel-477958_262_200ed to go full-wobbly himself.

HB2 is about the only thing keeping a lot of conservatives in Gov. McCrory’s corner.  Malone is perfectly OK to take this position.  His constituents will have to decide on how to deal with his flip-flop. 

But the state party paying for a flier calling for the repeal of an issue that has been a linchpin in its get out the vote efforts is appalling.  It certainly creates the impression state GOP leaders are telling the church people ONE THING and everyone else SOMETHING ALTOGETHER DIFFERENT.

Blinkin’ Chris is sure having some fun with this:


*Nice.*  Anyone else starting to feel like Charlie Brown playing football with Lucy? 

11 thoughts on “#ncga: Chris Malone FOR HB2 before he was AGAINST it (And NCGOP picks up the bill to market his flip-flop)

  1. It is time for Christian and conservative voters to simply skip that race on the ballot. This weasel needs to go. The scumbag wants to let grown men into the bathrooms and shower rooms with women and little girls. Shame on him.

    Malone also failed to get the NRA endorsement this year. He seems to be an all-round Obama Republican.

  2. I don’t have words. But if I did, they’d be words like gutless, empty suit, jello, and words my mother would frown on. As for the “Paid for by”, I am utterly amazed by the brilliance known as Woodhouse.

    1. My guess is the person in questions campaign paid for this to use the cheap postage rate

      But the NCGOP should never have allowed that message to be sent out through the state party

      Everyone needs to question how this happened

  3. LOL at Hayes, Woodhouse, and their enabling tools in the NCGOPe. They have the nation and party the want and deserve. I’m enjoying watching them twist in the wind. I’m sure the central committee will find a way to blame everyone but themselves when the shit hits the fan.

  4. These mailings cost the NCGOP nothing as we candidates reimburse them the total cost. State parties get a very low postage rate. Gary Pendleton,NC House Member

    1. The question is why the NCGOP allows such a message that undermines the rest of the ticket including the governor on a key issue. The GOP postage rate should not be offered to send out a message on Democrat talking points. This alone is a good reason to fire Woodhouse.

      I can see why the NCGOPe suckweasels in control of the party did not do this time what has always been the practice when a convention does not reach the platform or resolutions. That is to calla state Executive Committee meeting to pass them. Woodhouse and his figurehead Hayes did not want to be bothered with issues for this election, so they deep sixed the Platform and the Resolutions. For most of us who are active in the party, issues matter. This is just one more example of why we need a very thorough housecleaning at the NCGOP. Our current Central Committee is rotten to the core and it is hard to tell which side Woodhouse is on between us and the Democrats.

      1. Well, we know Outhouse is just a double agent for the whacko progressives. You don’t really believe he and his brother did not get together to try to eviscerate the GOP from within did you? That guy has gots to go!

    2. Messages that go against the party platform should never be allowed out of the office or to pass through the office.

      The problem with the party for years is the state party has not worked to hold people elected with R’s beside their name to the values of the platform while they are in office

      The attitude of shut up we have to win all cost screw the platform has helped to bring the party Trump while so many dismissed a quality conservitive like Cruz. We need strong conservitives to stand up against the evils of progressive/leftist values

      That mailer helps fight for progressive leftism and it should be condemned by the party not mailed out by it

    3. Mr Pendleton, NC House Member, if you can’t see that the problem is NCGOP even being on this, then… I mean….damn.

    1. The same way they get by doing everything else. Everyone just allows it and when a time comes and someone asks the tough question they are made out as the enemy and looked at as the problem

      Same way a chairman gets tossed out but because of executive privilege nobody is allowed to tell the truth about that

      Same way a new chairman is elected right after he lied to the room saying he did not come there that day to run for chairman when he had written his speach the night before…… Little lies matter

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