Wake County RoD: Riddick STILL trying to pick her victim’s pockets

Former Wake County Register of Deeds Laura Riddick, currently serving time for embezzlement, has filed suit to regain her state pension.  State law frowns upon stealing from the taxpayers, and allows for seizure of any pension benefits accrued during the time said crime was committed.

Charles Gilliam, the current county Register of Deeds, had a few things to say about inmate Riddick’s legal maneuvering:

Laura Riddick, retrospectively dissatisfied with the light penalty which she received three months ago in a plea bargain, is now reaching out of the confines of the prison cell to continue to pick the pockets of her victims. “This is hubris incarnate, manifested audacity laced with temerity,” states current Wake County Register of Deeds, Charles Gilliam. 

“Laura Riddick now claims that the adjustment of a portion of her pension is unconstitutionally ‘cruel and unusual’ and is an ‘excessive fine,’” Gilliam continues. “The only thing excessive is the amount of money she stole, the only thing unusual is the leniency of her plea-bargained sentence, and the only thing remotely cruel is the harm she continues to inflict on the people of our State.”[…]