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Wake County RoD: Riddick STILL trying to pick her victim’s pockets

Former Wake County Register of Deeds Laura Riddick, currently serving time for embezzlement, has filed suit to regain her state pension.  State law frowns upon stealing from the taxpayers, and allows for seizure of any pension benefits accrued during the time said crime was committed….

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The treasurer’s race. Yeah, that’s gotta do with toilets! (Um, right?)

Our state’s drive by media continues to be obsessed with all things transgendered and urinary.  Yessirree. HB2 managed to poke itself into the candidates debate for state treasurer last night.  Never mind that Dale Folwell is arguably the most qualified person in over a generation…

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#ncpol: Folwell ready to tackle multi-billion $$$ state health, pension mess

“We’re speeding down the road at 100 miles per hour right for a $30 to $40 billion dollar wall,” said Dale Folwell, currently the only GOP candidate for the state treasurer position being vacated by Democrat Janet Cowell. “Raleigh has been kicking the can down…

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Drip — Drip — Drip: Details slowly leaking out on Cowell, Bowles and Facebook

          John Frank and The N&O have decided to finally start sniffing around about Janet Cowell’s Facebook gambit with state employee retirement funds: State Treasurer Janet Cowell is coming under fire from state employees and retirees who are raising questions about…

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Facebook’s woes may blow back on NC treasurer, become election issue

          State Treasurer has typically been one of those races that stays below the political radar.  Everyone seems to focus all of their attention on more glamorous presidential, congressional and gubernatorial races.  But the hubbub over Facebook’s fiscal  faceplant following the…