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Throwing out the maps AGAIN. (Thanks, Dave.)

Candidates start filing in February for the May primaries.  Yet, districts for state legislators and Congress are — to put it kindly —up in the air:  A panel of three federal judges on Tuesday ordered the state to redraw its congressional map again, forbidding North…

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#ncga: Senate map !!!

Okay. We’ve seen the black magic stirred up by David Lewis and the crew in the House.  Here is what the Senate has come up with: SD1:  As we reported earlier, Beaufort County’s Bill Cook (R) has been removed from his district and thrown into…

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#ncga: New Senate map gives Moore County its 3rd different senator in six years

Harris Blake retired in 2012.  Since then, Randolph County’s Jerry Tillman has represented us in Jones Street’s upper chamber.  Now, if this current map holds, Richmond County’s Tom McInnis (R) will likely be representing Moore County in the next legislative session. We got wind of…

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#ncga: Oh, look. Mail.

Redistricting is on everybody’s mind on Jones Street.  And certainly none more so this week than the mind of Senator Angela Bryant (D): Rep. Lewis and members:  It is not fair that we do not at least have shape files today.  This is like releasing…

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#ncga: NCGOPe kissing the Cook (goodbye)?

The honorables put out some maps a few weeks ago showing potential groupings of counties for new legislative districts. Folks in the northeast have noticed that Senator Bill Cook (R) quietly had his home county moved out of his current district and placed in a…

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#ncga: THE (House) plan

The NC House has released its proposed new district map.    My first thought — after comparing it with the current map — is that most people are going to see little, if any, change. For the record, I still see a hell of a…

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#ncga: Reading the redistricting tea leaves

Will you keep your “honorable,” or get yourself a “new” one? Court-mandated redistricting has placed this question on many a mind inside and outside Raleigh. Here’s one interesting driveby take on the matter.  Here are the maps –complete with county groupings — being used to…

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#ncga: “Taking Care” of Brock

Some eyebrows got raised with the appointment of senator Andrew Brock (R-Davie) to the Board of Review at the Employment Security Commission.   (The job comes with a six-figure salary.) The spin was put out there that the legislative Republicans made the appointment because Gov….

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A (not-so) civil war in Pope-land?

THAT is what it is looking like.  Gazillionaire Art Pope has his hand — and cash — behind an awful lot of things political that are purportedly conservative.  The John Locke Foundation and The Civitas Institute are two examples.  You would think that both organizations…

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John Locke Foundation & Planned Parenthood: A “Winning” Team?

Yessirree, bob.  The John Locke Foundation and their fearless – and tap-dancing, I may add — leader are joining forces with the likes of Planned Parenthood and the AFL-CIO to press their case with those mean ol’ Republicans in the General Assembly. (Personally, I can’t…