#ncga: Senate map !!!

Okay. We’ve seen the black magic stirred up by David Lewis and the crew in the House.  Here is what the Senate has come up with:

  • SD1:  As we reported earlier, Beaufort County’s Bill Cook (R) has been removed from his district and thrown into a majority Democrat district represented by Black Caucus member Erica Smith-Ingram (D).
  • SD18: GOPers John Alexander and Chad Barefoot got double-bunked.  Barefoot has announced his retirement.
  • SD31:  Newly-appointed GOPer Dan Barrett will slug it out with fellow Republican Joyce Krawiec.  (Barrett replaced Andrew Brock, who announced his retirement not too long ago.  THIS was probably WHY he retired.) 
  • SD33: There also appears to be a new district in Rowan and Stanly counties without an incumbent.
  • SD34:  There appears to be a new district without an incumbent in Iredell and Yadkin Counties.  (Looks like GOP country to me.)
  • SD45:  Republicans Deanna Ballard and Shirley Randleman are double-bunked in the state’s northwest corner.

My favorite is the three-pronged shape (sort of a snow-angel, if you will) forming Bill Rabon’s new district in the southeast.

We’ve got a long way to go, people.  Public hearings this week.  And court hearings beyond that.  

7 thoughts on “#ncga: Senate map !!!

  1. The NC Senate seems poised to remove Senator Bill Cook from his district and put him in a district he’d have a hard time winning. Senator Cook is a good friend to conservatives in eastern NC. We now have an opportunity to support him. It isn’t necessary to go to the public hearing tomorrow (although that would be a great idea). You can go to the General Assembly website now and click on the link to send in your input. Just go to http://www.ncga.state.nc.us.

  2. Stop fooling around trying to show each other who is better who ever is in charge doesn’t matter. Your jobs are to work together to work for the people. We need healthcare for all, our children need to be educated and our infra structure needs to be fixed and we must protect our part of the earth.
    We are not here to make anyone rich or give favors.
    THAT IS THE JOB OF STATE AND NATIONAL GOVERNMENT . Quit playing gams. If I worked like congress I would have been fired and folks would have died. I was a nurse. Wake up

    1. So you think “the job of state and national government” is “to make anyone rich or give favors”. It is those big government attitudes from politicians that are bankrupting our country, and doing things like driving up our electric rates by granting favors to the Big Solar special interest to make them rich at the expense of our taxpayers and electric ratepayers.

      So back to your commune or Antifa meeting.

    2. In rural North Carolina we pay some of the highest health insurance rates in the country and receive some of the lowest quality care in the whole US. This state does not invest in the communities outside of the cities, and it shows. I came across this weird website tonight and it represents everything that has made life so very miserable here. Angry people who control most of the state, are governing it badly, and are furious that anyone might not be on board to keep making the state worse. NC had potential, very nice beaches and an interesting art history. I know life doesn’t have to be like this. I’ve lived in places where I’ve received decent medical care, and things run smoothly, people take care of their communities, and the people act normal, not constantly enraged. I’ve been told every time I have a concern “If you don’t like it git yer butt out”. I am leaving in less than two weeks forever. This nasty southerner attitude isn’t smart when a lot of the communities survive on tourism, but I don’t see many people doing smart things in this state. I don’t see this state thriving in the future. It’s in a state of neglect and crumbling. Decent doctors don’t want to move to places where people are openly hostile to anything that doesn’t fit into a very narrow view of life, entertainment, religion, and politics. You are cutting yourselves off basic services by acting nasty. North Carolina is not exactly a cultural draw anymore either. Good luck. Living here was truly awful. Housing is cheaper here for a good reason.

      1. Sorry Alice. I meant to be responding to Margaret.

        Alice, I hope you find happiness outside of the South. One thing most southerners understand is when in Rome do as the Romans do. In other words don’t move into a neighborhood and start bossing everyone around. That doesn’t make anyone happy. Also, outside of those economic development conmen most southerners get along just fine without bitter outsiders dictating to us.

        1. I saw a lot of angry people on Tuesday at the Redistricting Public Hearings, and they all seemed to have talking points from the Democrats or the leftist organizations that turned them out about what it was that they were instructed to be angry about. One of those angry speakers had on a T shirt that said ”resist” (which seems to be the motto of Antifa, the fascists who claim to be anti-fascists) but he neglected to have on his shirt what it was he was resisting.

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