#ncga: Jones St. GOPers go to the mat in defense of cronyism

He’s already suckling at the state government teat to the tune of six-figures, now — thanks to the “conservative revolution” running Jones Street — he’s free and clear to add five more figures to those six:

North Carolina lawmakers are again reversing Gov. Roy Cooper’s effort to block legislation.

The state House on Thursday overrode two more Cooper vetoes. If the Senate goes along, that would make seven bills that became law despite the governor’s opposition.

Legislators approved allowing Republican lawyer Bill Peaslee to draw a second state paycheck for his occasional Property Tax Commission work along with his full-time job on the state Industrial Commission.[…] 

Yep.  The “conservative revolution” threw a solid to longtime NCGOP operative Bill Peaslee codifying a privilege for him that no other state employee has been allowed to have since 1979.  

Passing legislation that benefits ONE person — especially one person as connected as Peaslee — is disgusting.  It’s a travesty.  It’s against everything we voted for in 2010 when we turned Raleigh over to these people. The current rulers of Jones Street appear to like the status quo as much as Jim Black and Marc Basnight did.  

This arrangement certainly establishes one hell of a precedent.  Politically connected operatives on both sides of the aisle can now hold multiple state positions and draw multiple state pay checks simultaneously.  How do you now say NO to Friends of Roy seeking to double-dip? 

Looking out for the people’s interest?  I think NOT.  (The interests of “certain” people?  Definitely.)