#ncga: New Senate map gives Moore County its 3rd different senator in six years

Harris Blake retired in 2012.  Since then, Randolph County’s Jerry Tillman has represented us in Jones Street’s upper chamber.  Now, if this current map holds, Richmond County’s Tom McInnis (R) will likely be representing Moore County in the next legislative session.

We got wind of this possibility some time back.

Under Blake, we were in a district that encompassed Moore County. Under Tillman, the district was expanded to include Randolph County.  In this newest map, Moore will be grouped with its southern neighbors in Scotland, Richmond, and Anson Counties.  (All three are very Democrat-friendly  despite being currently represented by a Republican senator.) 

Tillman’s new district will be limited to his home county of Randolph.  (Though, there is no confirmation he will seek a new term in 2018.)

2 thoughts on “#ncga: New Senate map gives Moore County its 3rd different senator in six years

  1. A Moore County conservative ought to be able to win a Senate primary in such a district. Find your candidate.

  2. Tillman betrayed conservatives on the most high profile issues of the session, on both HB2 and on the Big Solar giveaway. Maybe the Randolph County Tea Party or other conservatives can find someone to primary him. Tillman has forgotten the folks back home. He has been in Raleigh too long. His a new district and a likely low election turnout that is more focused on issues, this is the election year to go after those who have been disappointing conservatives.

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