#ncga: Oh, look. Mail.

Redistricting is on everybody’s mind on Jones Street.  And certainly none more so this week than the mind of Senator Angela Bryant (D):

Rep. Lewis and members:  It is not fair that we do not at least have shape files today.  This is like releasing a pdf and not the word file.  We cannot be prepared to engage or help our communities engage when we do not have the details of the split counties and precincts.  There is no way citizens and communities affected by those splits can know how they are affected and those splits are the real issues.

Please be fair and reasonable and provide us shape files, street level detail mails of the areas with county and precinct splits and data even if it is preliminary.  

I’m sure GOP members have some of this information already and perhaps even their constituents.

We will also need paper maps of the county splits and precinct splits so our constituents can know how they are affected in those critical areas.

Disappointed and regretful,

Sen. Angela Bryant

That brought a quick response from Rep. David Lewis, the House’s point man on redistricting:

Thank you for your email to me and copied to nearly 500 other people.

Shape files will be released on Monday or before.

As the map plainly illustrates, there are very few split counties and very few split precincts. A visit to your local county board websites would probably answer most of your questions.

I’ll be happy to provide you with whatever detailed maps you want. Please email me or Central Staff with your requests.

The preliminary data used in preparing the map has already been publicly disclosed in the Redistricting Committee.

Your statement “I’m sure GOP members have some of this information already and perhaps even their constituents” is wrong and misguided.

As to paper maps, I agree with you. As our Central Staff works on Monday, I’ll make any requests you have or you can just email the requests yourself.

I wish you a good weekend.

Tired but transparent,