#ncga: NCGOPe kissing the Cook (goodbye)?

The honorables put out some maps a few weeks ago showing potential groupings of counties for new legislative districts.

Folks in the northeast have noticed that Senator Bill Cook (R) quietly had his home county moved out of his current district and placed in a Democrat-leaning grouping.

Cook has long been an annoyance to the NCGOPe and the “leadership” on Jones Street.  He’s not a ‘team player.’   He doesn’t march along like a lemming with the crowd.  Which makes him A-OK by us.  

Cook has been an outspoken opponent of subsidies for “alternative energy” — wind, solar, etc. — which definitely earned a bullseye on his back courtesy of the solar goons. 

Cook initially got into the House in 2010 by knocking off a Democrat he was given little chance of beating.  Then-speaker Thilli$$$ and his crew decided to draw him out of the House the first chance they got.

Cook showed them by winning a Senate seat a Republican was given little chance of winning.  And he’s defended it well — against attacks by the NCGOPe AND the Democrats.

Now, it looks like he’s getting pushed out of his Senate seat and — therefore — out of the fray on Jones Street.

Cook’s current district has been transformed into an 11-county monstrosity that now includes Chowan County — the home of solar goon capo Bob Steinburg.

Steinburg has made it publicly clear to anyone who will listen that he will run for Cook’s current district if things stay as planned (Cook is drawn out).

Apparently, the Beaufort County GOP’s leaders are not just sitting by and accepting this.  They’ve reportedly passed a resolution condemning the move and approved an “action plan” to fight it.