#ncpol: “Republican” Charles Jeter teams w/ Common Cause re:”gerrymandering”

Charlie Jeter.  During his time in the House, he racked up a record as the most liberal Republican.  Yet, he got elected conference chairman and was a close ally of Speakers Thom Tillis and Tim Moore.

Ol’ Charlie would regularly screw his GOP colleagues on votes or just simply disappear at voting time.  He had a Democrat operative working out of his private business offices. He got sued for non-payment while his trucking business was crashing and burning.

All signs were pointing toward him losing his Democrat-leaning seat.  But, being the “team player” he is, Jeter waited to resign when it was way too late for the GOP to replace him with a credible candidate.

Jeter rebounded with a position  at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools to lobby the General Assembly.   As of mid-December, he was not registered as a lobbyist. (As of today, the secretary of state site has him listed as a “liaison for local government.”.)

That new job has apparently left him with plenty of time to appear in this propaganda video with the Dem who took his seat and Common Cause’s Bob Phillips to bash the redistricting plans that got passed and tweaked while he was on Jones Street.