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#ncga: State-subsidized internet? Pushed by Republicans? (*SIGH*)

Yep.  State House Republicans are following the lead of Al Gore and Bill Clinton and pushing for broadband internet service in rural areas — paid for by YOU and ME.  Reps. Jason Saine and John Szoka — two guys who never say NO to the lobbyist…

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Handing over The Internet to Third World Goons?

THAT looks like what Barry Obama is trying to do here in the waning days of his regime.  But four attorneys general — ours, who doesn’t do a damn thing, is of course not part of this — are suing to stop it all: Top…

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‘The senator from Thime Warner has the floor …’

Word from Washington today is that freshman U.S. senator Thom Tillis is upset with the Federal Communications Commission. Why, you ask? Let’s find out:  U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis, R-N.C., is moving to overturn a Federal Communications Commission decision that would lift restrictions on city-owned broadband…

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DC’s latest fascination: Net Neutrality

As a fan of the free market, I find myself a little torn on the issue of net neutrality The government wants to step in on the Internet service provider industry to ensure “equal treatment” for everyone and everything on the Internet. At first glance, the…

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Ellmers, Foxx, Hudson vote with Boehner (and a bunch of Dems) to preserve NSA surveillance overreach

      I’m a big fan of empowering law enforcement and the military to hunt down and destroy foreign bad guys trying to do harm to innocent  Americans.  I’m NOT a big fan of allowing  DC to have wide open, warrantless access to everyone’s…

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Big Barry’s pitch in Mooresville for more Internet does not compute

      Yep.  Big Barry’s doing it for “the children.” In politics, you could justify invading Iran by saying it’s “for the children” and you could likely get a free pass from the media and your opponents.  I mean, who wants to throw a…

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Renee Ellmers & Richard Burr think government needs MORE of your money

    We’re in the middle of a godawful economic quagmire.  Record unemployment.  Increased regulation.  Anemic economic growth.  An impending economic disaster called ObamaCare.  The expiration of lower federal income tax rates.  An increase in the state’s unemployment withholding rate.   Now, some members of…

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Source: McSwain dodged a bullet Tuesday night

    Moore County commissioners showed up at their Tuesday night meeting expecting to discuss and vote on a resolution calling for a formal investigation into county manager Cary McSwain’s dealings with an Internet service provider.  Instead, they got a mea culpa from McSwain and…

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Fun with The Internet

  Former state Rep. Richard Morgan’s long-time web site address ( now redirects to a site filled with anti-Morgan information and propaganda. Even curioser — if you type in or you get re-directed to BarryO’s reelection campaign web site.

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HANDS OFF of the Internet !!!

You’ve heard a lot of talk lately about the federal STOP ONLINE PIRACY ACT (SOPA).  I’m sure you’ve seen that sites like Wikipedia and Google are going “black” in protest of the legislation pushed by congressman Lamar Smith(R-TX). It is a surprise to see a…