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Richard Burr: HB2 went “too far”

A few years back, he told us trying to defund ObamaCare was ”the dumbest idea” he’d ever heard — shoving a knife in the back of conservatives attempting a last-minute killing of that fiscal nightmare.  He voted FOR allowing federal bureaucrats to use racial quotas…

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Economic development & rallying outside forces to fight North Carolina. (An AG’s work is NEVER DONE.)

Itzhak Perlman?  He ain’t comin.’  And it has Craig Jarvis and Blinkin’ Chris’s special friend Rob Schofield PEEVED.  Since being caught lobbying CEOs to make a fuss over HB2, our lazy, do-nothing, free-loading POS attorney general has decided he needs to change the narrative.  So,…

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HB2: Pat travels. Roy fiddles. Binky piddles

Here’s a great primer on how drive-by “news” coverage in our fair capital city works.  First, you get a press release / tweet from a liberal pol / organization, like — oh — this one: Stuff like that makes a beeline for our little buddy…

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Leadership. Anyone? Anyone? (Bueller?)

Gov. Pat McCrory is firing back at the US DOJ for their ridiculous demands to drop gender restrictions on bathrooms, locker rooms, and dressing rooms. (Who knows if this would be happening were he not locked in a tough reelection effort.  It would have been…

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Coming SOON to a loo near YOU? (EWWW.)

Don’t say we weren’t warned: Apparently it’s really quite difficult to use a urinal – if you’re a woman. But actress Shakina Nayfack is sure going to try. All over North Carolina (and Facebook), in fact. So if the men doing their business up against…

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Sprinting toward Gomorrah

The late judge Robert Bork wrote a great book called “Slouching towards Gomorrah” that detailed the radical left’s work in the courtroom to demolish and remake western culture, morals, and civilization.  Judge Bork is gone, but the left is still here, working hard.  We’re no…

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Drivebys: Punk’d or willing participants in anti-HB2 petition scam?

The Gay News & Observer and its buddies in the Gay News Network gave us all kinds of great headlines about anti-HB2 petitions and pictures of anti-HB2 activists carrying all of these boxes allegedly filled with petitions. Well, Team McCrory has done for the public what the…

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#ncga: The drivebys MIGHT be DE-nied on HB2

Our all-gay-stuff-all-the-time driveby media has worked hard to make its dwindling audience believe that drag queens in the ladies room is the most important civil rights moment since Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on that bus. The press shops at the various…

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The #ncga short session: Drivebys HOPING for a *GAY* ol’ time?

I swear the News & Observer must have more gay news on its website this morning than The Advocate does. The editors must have some kind of requirement that reporters somehow tie their copy into GAY STUFF.  (*Review of the Will & Grace DVD set….

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NC Drive-bys: All gay stuff. ALL THE TIME.

Talk about being out of touch with your audience.  The average person — residing outside of Orange County —  is not devoting 1/10000th of the energy to HB2 that the drive-by media and their liberal masters are.   Turn to ANY driveby media website or…