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Much ado about the loo: Moore County public education edition

It’s sad to see educators in our county doing their part to inflame and expand the chaos and confusion surrounding HB2. At Pinecrest High School, a faculty-supervised LGBTQXYZ1234 group has announced a day of silence to protest HB2 (I’m sure the faculty there would be thrilled…

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The sounds of Pat McCrory — once again — folding.

Our fearless leader, in the wake of boycotts by and various Broadway shows, has issued an executive order regarding who gets to use what restroom. Of course, after weeks defending the legislation, our man on Blount Street is back-pedaling furiously: […] North Carolina Gov….

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Scrutinizing GOP supporters, ignoring vulgar, radical leftists

Drive-bys want to give every GOP activist a thorough body cavity search.  Hell, we even got analysis of a Trump supporter’s tattoos.   But, I find it interesting at how little the driveby media has to say about some of the dubious characters making their…

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#ncga: Lies. Damnable lies. (Much ado about the loo.)

The drive-bys cannot cannot cannot stop talking about the potty. The N&O’s website was overrun with copy about the passage of HB2 and all of the Hollywood actors and Broadway producers upset about it.  (One article had some Broadway type comparing our state to apartheid-era…