NC Drive-bys: All gay stuff. ALL THE TIME.

Talk about being out of touch with your audience.  The average person — residing outside of Orange County —  is not devoting 1/10000th of the energy to HB2 that the drive-by media and their liberal masters are.  gg

Turn to ANY driveby media website or broadcast. You will get hit with at least TWO stories about the “evil” done to men-in-drag by the North Carolina General Assembly. We get the corporate boycott of the day, and we quickly move from the sublime to the ridiculous:


So, legislative Republicans, Dan Forest, and Pat McCrory are causing gay people to kill themselves (or at least contemplate it)?  

Let’s dig into this a little bit.  The N&O’s Mr. Campbell neglected to mention that said suicide hotline is IN SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA.  Second, he had a little editorial license with his tweet.  Here’s what the group’s web site says:


lazyThat’s IT.  That is all the site says in regard to North Carolina  in its online fundraising pitch.  (What does the North Carolina law have to do with trannies in Ohio or California? Dunno. Ya got me.) 

And the number of calls has doubled?  Really? From TWO a week to FOUR?  Are we counting wrong numbers — people who thought they called the DMV or the Home Shopping Network?  

Suicide is no laughing matter.  But we need to know a little more about (1) what this has to do with the cost of sweet tea in North Carolina, (2) how Mr. Campbell learned of this obscure California group, and (3) how it compares to the number of suicides when Obama and the Democrats passed Dodd-Frank  and killed so many pensions and cost so many people their homes. 

It is a shame that the drivebys now, more than ever, have become a subsidiary of the radical left.  If they were really interested in fulfilling the people’s right to know, they would report on things like:

  1. The apparent illegality of the ConnectNC bond vote.
  2. The proposed interrogation of Moore County schools employees on their Christian beliefs.  
  3. Speaker Tim Moore retaining a Wall Street law firm with his campaign funds. 
  4. The appearance of pay-to-play in a recent judge appointment. 
  5. The appalling graduation rates at North Carolina community colleges. 
  6. Institutional (taxpayer) funds being used by colleges promoting passage of ConnectNC. 
  7. What happened in this video. 

driveThat’s just a sampling of newsworthy stuff out there that is being ignored for the sake of parroting the Roy Cooper / NCDP talking points.  There’s been very little honesty in reporting the bill’s contents and actual effects on the state’s residents.  People who actually take time to read the legislation — available on the NC General Assembly’s web site — don’t see what the drivebys and the Democrats are fussing about.

A lot of people around the world would give their right arm for a free press.  People are envious of the protections in The First Amendment.  But the j-school nimrods who populate our nation’s downsized, nearly-deserted driveby newsrooms have taken that special gift and made a mockery of it.

16 thoughts on “NC Drive-bys: All gay stuff. ALL THE TIME.

    1. No Donald Trump is a liberal HB2 is fine

      google this
      “Suicide attempts are alarmingly common among transgender individuals”

      these headlines came way before HB2 was even thought about

      Transgender issues are a form of mental illness and the problem needs to be dealt with as a illness and society should not be changed to adapt to a mental disorder

          1. A CNS News piece, are you serious? CNS finds a FORMER Psychiatrist to say what IT wants to project. Pretty lame. The American Psychological Association tells us that transgenderism IS NOT a mental illness.

          2. Yeah, JBP, they changed their previous position after the Homofascists put the heat to them to do so. When psychiatry becomes about what is politically fashionable at a given point in time, it is a joke.

            Anyone with common sense can see that someone who cannot look between their legs and see if they are a girl or a boy is a sick puppy.

    2. Trump was not a conservative until he reinvented himself for the presidential primary. It looks like he is moving back to his original liberal stances, at least on social issues. He is also moving left on abortion, where he started from before he became a presidential candidate.

      1. Trump moves left, right, or whichever way the wind is blowing (due to the hair thing) in an effort to promote himself. That is his essence.

  1. This is the whole reason that journalism as it was known is now going the way of the Dodo Bird. Few if any people read the rags or really even watch the newscasts anymore as there are so many other sources that can be had with the click of the mouse.

    I guess the drive bys only have one audience. The LBG123 crowd being less than 1% of the population does not bode well for these “news” outlets to remain in business.

  2. 250 organizations working with sexual assault and domestic violence issued a joint statement today. An excerpt:

    States across the country have introduced harmful legislation or initiatives that seek to repeal non-discrimination protections or restrict transgender people’s access to gender – specific facilities like restrooms. Those who are pushing these proposals have claimed that these proposals are necessary for public safety and to prevent sexual violence against women and children. As rape crisis centers, shelters, and other service providers who work each and every day to meet the needs of all survivors and reduce sexual assault and domestic violence throughout society, we speak from experience and expertise when we state that these claims are false.” (emphasis mine)

    But hey, forget about them – they’re just the people on the front lines dealing with the issues that HB2 is supposedly addressing, and trying to end sexual violence of all kinds. They must all be liberal, trans-loving Democrats, and they’re advocating to put women and children in harms way because it’s good politics, right?

    Or maybe they’re like volunteer firemen who sneak out & light fires so they have something to do. “Hey, let’s help our trans buddies rape some women and children, because you know, a paycheck is a paycheck!”

    1. Don’t forget the fact that the main leader pushing the Charlotte bathroom ordinance is a convicted child molester. ‘nuf said!

      1. ForTheRecord: That guy – Chad Sevearance – a convicted / registered sex offender – has supposedly recently resigned his former position as Exec Director of what was Charlotte’s Gay Chamber of Commerce (not its official name).

        I say supposedly because his involvement has been hidden by both Mayor Roberts & The City Council and by The Charlotte Observer who knowingly withheld his background during the city debates on the ordinance. What is really going on is cloaked in secrecy.

  3. NENC wants to thank Gov. McCrory for his bravery in standing for decency for all citizens as he encouraged the NCGA to pass HB2. Join us at a rally Monday April 25th at noon, in parallel with the pro-HB2 rally taking place in Raleigh, at the Currituck County Courthouse at 2801 Caratoke Hwy, Currituck, NC 27929. The Currituck rally is organized by locals with strong convictions about their belief in the GOD given right to safety and privacy and to show our support to the NC Governor and the bi-partisan team of NC legislators for passing it.

    We feel HB2 was never about discriminating against anyone but about safeguarding the rights of everyone in NC to privacy and safety. It has conveniently been turned into a hot topic because today’s culture is pushing the limits on every front 1) mostly because this is an election year and 2) because the limits are getting harder to find as “progress” makes it nearly impossible to protect our vulnerable from every kind of damaging influence from porn to drugs. Don’t we grownups care at all anymore about decency, honor, respect, protecting children and about facing GOD someday? Is it really all about money? “Whatever you do unto the least of these you do unto Me”.

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