Richard Burr. The MARYLAND US Senate primary. Gay stuff.

Our senior US senator told us he wasn’t getting into that gay “crap,’‘ but apparently that gay “crap” has found HIM: Carnac

North Carolina’s Richard Burr apparently has a pick in a crowded Republican Senate primary race in Maryland, where 14 candidates are vying for retiring Democratic U.S. Sen. Barbara Mikulski’s open seat.

Burr had plans to host a campaign event at a Washington, D.C., law firm this week for Chrys Kefalas, an openly gay attorney and former speechwriter in the Obama administration, but the fundraiser was canceled, Kefalas’ campaign said, without explaining why.[…] 

Okay.  There are FOURTEEN candidates in the GOP primary — in MARYLAND.  Richard Burr — who can’t even vote there — has picked, out of those 14, the gay Obama speechwriter to raise money for. (Knowing what I know about the Maryland Republican Party, this guy may be the most conservative in the field.)  But, WAIT.  There’s MORE:  

[…] A spokesman for Burr’s campaign also would not provide details about the event or Burr’s support for Kefalas. In response to written questions from McClatchy, Burr spokesman Alex Johnson said by email only that “Senator Burr is happy to help Republicans win in November so they can work to get our country back on track.” He didn’t mention Kefalas by name.burr

If elected, Kefalas would be the first openly gay Republican to serve in the U.S. Senate. He faces 13 opponents in Maryland’s GOP primary Tuesday.[…] 

Unbelievable.  He’s inserting himself in Maryland’s race, while he’s got one hell of a race waiting for him HERE.  A statewide GOP primary in blue-dog Democrat Maryland is kind of like one in Orange County, or the 4th congressional district.  A lost cause from the start. 

Let’s find out a little about this candidate that Burr is so impressed with:

[…] The 36-year-old Kefalas supports federal civil rights protections for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people and has said he would support decriminalizing marijuana use – both issues so far not embraced by leading Republicans in Congress, including Burr.

Burr has not signaled publicly that he would vote for an amendment to federal civil rights law to include gays or transgender people.

In the past, he’s voted for equal federal rights for married gay couples receiving Social Security and veteran’s benefits, but he’s also supported a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. Burr voted against legislation that would grant workplace discrimination protections to LGBT employees.[…] When asked by email about their policy differences and why Burr wanted to host an event for Kefalas, Burr’s campaign spokesman Johnson did not offer a reply.[…] moreno more

Defunding ObamaCare was “the dumbest idea.”  And THIS isn’t ????

6 thoughts on “Richard Burr. The MARYLAND US Senate primary. Gay stuff.

  1. Burr supports the wrong people in GOP Senate primaries in other states, as he did in Mississippi last election. There, Burr was one of the Shameful Seven GOP US Senators who financed the disgusting race-baiting attacks at the last minute against the conservative frontrunner to stampede black Democrat voters to improperly vote in the GOP primary for the establishment GOP candidate.

    Just how bad the race-baiting that Burr helped finance was is shown in this article from a major British newspaper, which includes links to some of the race-baiting radio ads they ran:

    Richard Burr is a disgrace to North Carolina.

  2. @ GU Wonder Tricky Dick Burr really told the truth down in Mississippi when he helped bankroll the socialist propaganda that was; Thad Cochran will work with Obama to get things done, such as fully funding Obama Care and executive amnesty.And how right Dick was because that’s exactly what the whole congress had done. I will be writing in Mickey Mouse and hope he loses, bad. He is a socialist masquerading as a republican in order to win elections. Dick Burr is more dishonest than any politician I have ever followed. He is one of a few of the Rino Senators currently supporting Obama’s executive amnesty. Only a fool would vote Burr.

  3. The more I learn about Burr, the more disgusted I become. Will leave my ballot blank on the Senate race. I’m hearing many are planning to do the same.

  4. This among many other reasons Burr has provided is why I didn’t vote for him in the NC GOP primary and will forever more not vote for this ideological misfit. I have never voted for a Democrat over a Republican but I refuse to vote for Burr. #No2Burr

  5. We should have elected Dr. Greg Brannon to run in November instead of our liberal Burr. He would make a great US Senator. He loves this country and respects the US Constitution.

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