The sounds of Pat McCrory — once again — folding.

pat sideOur fearless leader, in the wake of boycotts by and various Broadway shows, has issued an executive order regarding who gets to use what restroom. Of course, after weeks defending the legislation, our man on Blount Street is back-pedaling furiously:

[…] North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R), responding to a backlash against the state’s new law banning anti-discrimination protections for gay and transgender people, on Tuesday signed an executive order amending the measure.

McCrory said in a videotaped messages announcing the order that among other things, it partially drops the provision that people must use bathrooms matching the gender on their birth certificate.

While this remains the policy in schools and government buildings, businesses can decide their “own policy with regard to restrooms, locker rooms and/or shower facilities,” McCrory said.

McCrory said he would seek legislation in a coming short legislative session that would reinstate the right to sue for discrimination in state courts.[…]

*Sigh.*  I expected this, but not SO SOON. 

no moreThe Charlotte City Council was out of line and out of order.  Moves like their ordinance need to go through Raleigh for a blessing, FIRST.  So sayeth the constitution.  They were told it would not pass muster, and did it to make a political statement.  That political statement has been expanded, enabled, and advanced by a complicit, lazy driveby media and a lack of spine on Blount Street. 

Businesses decide?  If locker rooms go gender-neutral, how does a business get by the various lewd conduct-related laws out there? The law — and the cops — tend to frown on men and women exposing their privates in close proximity in public places. 

And the suing thing?  That is a sop to the trial lawyers who are lining his campaign coffers — but WILL vote for Roy Cooper.  The lawsuit protection was to keep small businesses and individuals from being sued into the poorhouse by national gay rights non-profits just for refusing to hire a guy dressed like Carmen Miranda or to cater a gay “wedding.”  Instead of making up new, New Age “rights”, HB2 actually strengthened the protections of the First Amendment.  soup-nazi

This has been so badly bungled by the NCGOP and its elected, alleged leadership.  Call the special session, push it through, then let the left set the narrative and tone of the discussion.  We saw the gay-stapo in action, threatening all of these businesses and performers about doing business in North Carolina.  Average Americans are too busy working to finance the leviathan eating away at our culture and our economic well-being every second of every day.  Stand up for the existing law of the state?  Stand up for common sense — that boys go to the bathroom over here, and girls go over here?  You’re a bigot.  No Bruce Springsteen for YOU. 

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  1. Even McCrory could not deny the overwhelming backlash by businesses with sane policies toward their employees and customers. HB2 was another huge overreach by the NC GOP.

    1. Oh please. Love the hypocrisy of “highly indignant” companies like Apple, Paypal, Wells Fargo and the like. China just came out and ruled that same sex marriage is illegal. Wonder which one of these “outraged” companies will stop doing business in China (or the Middle East for that matter…)? Answer: none.

      1. These companies are making the judgments on NC for their U.S. employees. They make other judgments (not to justify their hypocrisy) for their foreign employees.

      2. These companies do business in countries where homosexuals are executed and do not squawk about that. This bullying over bathroom privacy is a huge overreach by bullying corporations that need to be put in their place.

        Conservative consumer should shun them and not do business with them.

    2. Letting someone of the other sex in a locker room or bathroom is insane, not sane. There needs to be a pushback against these bullying leftwing corporations. Conservative states should make a blacklist of corporations that try to bully states on leftwing political causes like this one, and stop doing state business with them.

      Also, publicize their other shortcomings for consumers, such as the info on

      Most important, do NOT knuckle under to their bullying as Governor McCrory just did.

      1. Cool; as I entered this site just now, the add on the left margin of was for PayPal.

    3. The backlash only comes out of the “diversity” departments that have been planted at all these companies. The company could care less about the issue, they are just being bribed to put out memos and press releases to seem like they care. Once the toddler tactics die down, the companies will go on doing business in NC as they planned. And yes…we will still get to have concerts by washed up musicians like the Baws, Bingo, and Buffet too.

  2. I for one am going to write in Dan Forest for Governor. Pat has been such a spineless disappointment we should have just kept Dumplin’ in the Gov office.

    1. McCrory is a spineless panderer who will not get my vote. But, honestly, Dan Forest, Phil Berger and all of the supporters of HB2 absolutely blew it — like they always do — when it came pushing back on the anti-HB2 zealots. They want to have an “intellectual” fact based conversation with these clowns. They want to have prayer vigils. GIVE ME A BREAK. Today’s world is all about sound bites and they should have come out swinging and linked every single one of these anti-HB2 liars to the convicted sex offender who pushed for the Charlotte ordinance in the first place. Proof again that the GOP is comprised of useless idiots.

      1. HB2 was conceived by scared legislators who knew they had the votes to pass it but still chose to bring it up in a rare “emergency session”. Introduced in the morning and passed in the afternoon with NO chance that the public could look at it and talk to their representatives about it – all the while taking away local control of issues (like minimum wage) and making legal recourse for discrimination of all sorts much harder and much more expensive.

        1. The “emergency” session had to be called. Charlotte over stepped their authority, Goober Cooper was not going to do his job to stop them, so the GA had to act. You really can’t tell me you are in favor of the Sexual Predators in the Women’s Room Ordinance. Come on, you must have a bit of common sense…even if you are a progressive.

        2. The ones whose rights are in jeopardy are normal folks. The freaks and deviants want the rights to trample over us. They want their ”feelings” to overpower good common sense.

          Here is what the Gaystapo or homofascists tried to do on the Columbia, SC city council:

          They tried to set up a secretive tribunal to punish people for being ”homophobic” which could even jail or fine people for revealing that they had been hauled before it. Fortunately, that was defeated, but the mayor and some council members tried to ram it through. It was like the Spanish Inquisition, the Star Chamber, or Soviet Russia.

          The homofascists are destroying Chrisitan bakers, florists, and photographers who will not go against their religion to serve a blasphemous homosexual wedding (just like they undoubtedly would refuse to serve a Satanic wedding or anything else that went against their Christian principles). The homofascists often do this through kangaroo courts with no juries and biased bureaucrats instead of objective judges making rulings. It is OUR liberty that is under attack by the homofascists.

          The homofascists are cowards on confronting Muslim bakers, florists, or photographers on the same subject. The Muslims would probably cut their heads off. Homosexuality offends many religions. Muslims are one and Hindus are another.

      2. There is no way to come out swinging. The media is not going to publish anything true on the debate as they are too in bed with the radicals.

        I for one think Lt. Dan did a good job, and if his narrative had been published in an equal manner as the progressive meme then there could have been less of this whining by the leftists.

    2. McCrory seems to be getting his political advice from morons. If we want him to win again, we had better hope that he starts getting better advice very soon.

      There is an old saying in politics that ”you do not piss on your base” but McCrory’s advisers seem to want him to defecate as well as urinate on the base in order to chase voters who are unlikely to support him anyway. That is just plain stupid politics.

      In this case, he is urinating and defecating upon two different elements of his base; 1) Christian conservatives, and 2) small business. To win again, he needs these people out supporting him enthusiastically, not turned off by liberal policy where they are either unethusiastic or even sit out the race on election day.

      It is a real kick in the teeth to Christian conservatives to adopt a policy of protecting abnormal sexual behavior as a protected class as McCrory did in his executive order for so-called ”sexual orientation” and ”gender identity” in state employment. Similarly it is a kick in the teeth to small business to propose removing the protection against harassing lawsuits by homosexual activists. Small business has suffered from these in other states, and the legislature was wise to close the door to them in NC. It needs to stay closed.

      This is much like the awful advise McCrory got on the Sons of Confederate Veterans license plates. I am still hearing voters who are proud of their southern heritage saying they will not vote for McCrory over that blunder. He has lost some of his base over that, and did not get any of the anti-southern and black activist vote to compensate. Of course, word has it that the bad advice did not come only from his own advisers on that, but from yankees Reince Preibus and Chris Christie.

      McCrory needs to remember to stop offending his own base if he wants to win reelection. The alternative, Roy Cooper, would probably be the most obnoxiously liberal governor the state has ever had, even worse than Jim Hunt.

      1. You’ve made some great points. McCrory continues to alienate citizens that should be his base including Christian conservatives, small business owners, and native North Carolinians.

        Perhaps we are focusing too much on gubernatorial advisers. Reckon it’s the Governor that’s the moron?

  3. If someone can decide that they are really of a different sex than in fact they really are in order to use the bathroom or locker room of the other sex, then why can we not decide that we feel like we are NASCAR drivers today when we are on the highway and ignore the speed limits? If behavior is going to be a protected class what about kleptomaniacs being ”discriminated” against when they ”shop” according to their practices?

    1. This is true, I guess I can start breaking into houses and taking things because I identify as the owner of those things.

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