#ncgop: Robol, Woodhouse & some Hasan chat-ter

DallasThe NCGOP mutineers allowed their two big guns — executive director Dallas Woodhouse and chief Hasan Harnett accuser Ken Robol — to be rolled out front to promote and defend the mutiny efforts.

Judging from some chat screenshots from late March with a local GOP activist, Ken Robol (comments in grey) appears to be wavering in his role as chief prosecution witness:





(Here’s Josh.    )

Of Course, Dallas Woodhouse got wind of this conversation, and reached out on Facebook:





17 thoughts on “#ncgop: Robol, Woodhouse & some Hasan chat-ter

  1. Of course further screenshots… show Robol saying he wants to get the truth out there… Can anyone say FALSE AFFIDAVIT

  2. Okay, I’m confused. I thought the texts Bennett posted today were more recent than Mar 31. So Woodhouse’s response must have been to something else?

    1. Very astute of you. I’m afraid my communication to Brant was not clear. Not being a techie, I only attached files to him and while I loaded them in order they did not arrive in such condition and not doubt made it very confusing.

      We have a Third District Republicans page on facebook. Setting are open so I think you can read the wall but not comment unless you are a member. I have posted this am a thread that puts everything in chronological order. Be my guest to look. Let me know if you cannot see it, Gail, and I’ll add YOU to the room if you wish.


  3. Let’s face it, Robol was a pawn from the Cotton’s and their child molesting Husband/son in law. Now it’s back firing…

    1. I’ll bet he would break totally if Harnett filed a civil suit against him and the various Central Committee and NCGOP staff plotters. That may be where this is headed.

    2. before you say such harsh statements in public do you have proof. Seriously those are really strong words you are using

    1. Now wonder why Daniel rufty and this scum bag Harvey west were once so tight. Both were Breaking the law….

      NCGOP needs a POO change that forbids any leader from having a criminal record. Period….

    2. And this is the guy who is the link between Robol, Tom Stark’s ”star witness” against Harnett, and the Central Committee plotters??????????? I would say that speaks volumes about credibility, as does that pending Board of Elections complaint against Robol.

  4. I want to see this whole mess investigated by adults without an agenda…..let’s get some democrats to investigate . …..not kidding .
    Facts are facts regardless of who discovers them.

  5. The right to face your accuser and to be able to defend ones self

    I would hope that all Executive Committee members will be at this meeting to vote AGAINST removal to the NCGOP Chairman Hasan Harnett on the grounds that he will be out of the country and not able to defend himself. This meeting is a disgrace. This is totally against the NC GOP Plan of Organization.

    In Article 7.E.1. (page 27) it states in part, “ Vacancies and Removals

    a. Any Member of a Committee organized under this Plan may be removed either:

    1. By a 2/3’s vote of the respective Committee after being furnished with notice of the charges against him, signed by the lesser of (i) 50 Members or (i) one-third of the Members of the respective Committee. Any Republican against whom charges are brought shall be furnished with 2 weeks notice of said charges and be given an opportunity to present a defense. Removal by a vote of the respective Committee shall be confined to gross inefficiency, Party disloyalty (as defined herein) or failure to comply with the County, District, or State Party Plans of Organization.


    1. Removal or Resignation from Committees

    Any current or former Officer or Member of a Precinct Committee, County Executive Committee, District Committee, State Executive Committee or State Central Committee who, for any reason, is removed or resigned from said position shall forfeit all rights and privileges in any way connected with that position.

    2. Party Disloyalty

    Any registered Republican attempting to influence or influencing the outcome of any election against a Republican candidate or Republican endorsed by the appropriate Republican Executive Committee or Legislative Caucus, other than by supporting an opposing Republican Candidate in a Republican primary, may be declared ineligible to hold office under the State Plan of Organization at the State, District, and Precinct level for Party disloyalty by 2/3 vote of the State Executive Committee. Charges of Party disloyalty may be brought by petition of 50 members of the State Executive Committee, or by resolution of a County or District Republican Executive Committee. The State Executive Committee may declare a Republican found to have engaged in Party disloyalty as ineligible to serve in any office under the Plan of Organization for a period of time between 6 months and 5 years.

  6. My earlier post is in reply to this MEMORANDUM

    TO: North Carolina Republican Party Executive Committee
    FROM: NCGOP Staff and Office of the NCGOP General Counsel
    DATE: April 14, 2016 (Supplementary E-mail notification)

    Having received signed petitions from more than 1/3 of the Members of the State Executive Committee, in accordance with the NCGOP Plan of Organization the following Official Notice is issued


    For the Purpose of

    Considering a Petition for the removal of Hasan Harnett as Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party, and, if passed, to elect a new Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party
    Any such other business as necessary to insure proper management of the North Carolina Republican Party

    The meeting will be held at 10:00 AM ET on Saturday April 30, 2016 at the McKimmon Center, 1101 Gorman Street, Raleigh, NC 27606.


    If you have any questions, please e-mail communications@ncgop.org or call (919) 828-6423. Proceedings closed to press.

  7. Nixon operatives used to call political dirty tricks ”ratfucking”. Well it looks like ratfucking has come to the NCGOP! Shameful!

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