#ncga: The drivebys MIGHT be DE-nied on HB2

no moreOur all-gay-stuff-all-the-time driveby media has worked hard to make its dwindling audience believe that drag queens in the ladies room is the most important civil rights moment since Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on that bus. The press shops at the various gay activist groups should all get bonuses for the bang-up propaganda offensive they’ve driven.  But the lies and misinformation may be all for naught.

My sources on Jones Street tell me they expect HB2 to emerge from the short session virtually as-is. (There will likely be a technical correction to the bill’s language to allow for discrimination lawsuits in state court.  That’s in line with the governor’s executive order.)

I know.  It sounds hard to believe — Republicans standing firm against a withering assault from the liberal hordes. dumb-reporter-new-york-times But my sources tell me that the reason for this confidence is that the pro-HB2 forces have a lot of polling on their side.  Despite what the Gay News & Observer (GN&O) wants you to believe, average people outside the beltline are not preoccupied with HB2.  Polling shows that voters, when fully informed of the factual, accurate details of HB2, overwhelmingly support the bill.  One of the more interesting pieces of polling in the hands of pro-HB2 forces shows 67% support for HB2 from WOMEN in Mecklenburg County — where this whole thing got started.