Coming SOON to a loo near YOU? (EWWW.)

2400Don’t say we weren’t warned:

Apparently it’s really quite difficult to use a urinal – if you’re a woman. But actress Shakina Nayfack is sure going to try.

All over North Carolina (and Facebook), in fact. So if the men doing their business up against the wall there are suddenly joined by a busty blonde in a frock, don’t be too shocked – remember, it’s the law.

Nayfack is happily and successfully living her womanly life in New York but her birth certificate says “male”, so according to the new laws in North Carolina she is effectively banned from female public restrooms in that state.

She’s so peeved, she’s mounting a rebel tour. And from the Capitol in Raleigh to the gas stations of Greensboro and cafes of Charlotte, she plans to tinkle in men’s toilets galore, tweeting and taking selfies as she goes.

“Hovering over a urinal is actually very tricky. I’m going to need a lot of Purell,” she said.[…]

(*SIGH*.  If they’re going to send someone into our locker rooms and bathrooms, why can’t they send, say — Dina Meyer or Denise Richards from Starship Troopers –instead of this, um. THING? )  But, wait, there’s MORE: 

[…] She could scuttle into a stall and hope no one notices, of course. But that’s not the point.636x460design_01

“They are trying to create a situation where trans people are supposed to be invisible. This is an absurd, panicked reaction from the ignorant, it’s a massive step backwards, so I felt it was my duty to go down there and take selfies in as many men’s bathrooms as possible,” she said.

The North Carolina law, known as HB2, effectively outlaws people from using the public bathroom that reflects their gender identity if that does not match the sex stated on their birth certificate.

It also blocks local authorities in the state from instituting wider anti-discrimination laws, sparked by Charlotte ordinances designed to protect people from bias based on their sexuality or gender identity.

The US Department of Justice has told North Carolina the new regime violatesfederal civil rights law and has given the state until Monday to abandon the legislation.

Republican leaders are refusing to do so, with Tim Moore, the speaker of the state house of representatives, saying on Thursday: “That deadline will come and go.”

Shakina Nayfack now plans to come to North Carolina and go in urinals across the state as a form of renegade performance art, in conjunction with staging her new one-woman rock musical Manifest Pussy, which tells the tale of her gender journey.[…]

*Oh, gee, where oh where do I get tickets ??????*1440

Hmmm.  Once again — my theory is proven. With the exception of our two in-house lefties on this site, liberals CANNOT stay away from vulgarity or graphic discussion involving certain very personal anatomy or bodily functions when partaking in political debate.


65 thoughts on “Coming SOON to a loo near YOU? (EWWW.)

  1. Hate Bill 2 solves nothing it just harms transgender people and ANYONE who is justified in filing a discrimination suit in NC Courts. If someone wanted to perform some sick act against another individual in a bathroom this law does nothing to stop them. There are laws that protect people from abuse and punish those who ignore the laws – THAT has nothing to do with Hate Bill 2.
    The GOP is crying that it can’t react to a Federal request in five or so days because legislation does not move that fast. HA! Hate Bill 2 wass introduced, passed, and signed within a day – not even allowing the public to participate in forming legislation that governs them.

    1. HB2 keeps the Gaystapo thugs from using our state courts to harass small businesses. I am sure that bakeries, florists, and photographers, who have been victims of the Gaystapo in other states, will be particularly thankful to our legislature.

      Hooray for HB2.

      The ones full of hate are the anti-Christian bigots of the far left.

        1. If you were one of the bakers or florists or photographers who were put out of business for your religious beliefs by these despicable thugs, or were familiar with their plights, then you would know why they are correctly called the Gaystapo. Also the homofascists. They want to impose themselves on everyone else in society.

          1. Yep, just what I want in the bathroom with my young granddaughters. An absolute perversion. Will these people please get the psychiatric help they are so in need of!

        2. Jesus called peoples sin what it was – he never pulled any punches in respect to that.

        3. Apparently you don’t know the Bible. The same God that made mankind male and female regards homosexuality as bestiality; both are gross perverts. They are an abomination to Him. He even calls such perverts ‘dogs’.
          Deuteronomy 23:18 “You shall not bring the hire of a harlot or the wages of a dog into the house of the LORD your God for any votive offering, for both of these are an abomination to the LORD your God.

        4. If they didn’t behave that way the name would not be applicable, but because of their neverending tactics in trying to make the rest of the world welcome them into bathrooms with their children and coercing children to accept this as “normal” behavior – it’s honestly applied.

    2. JBP. You blame the Republicans for this but you’ll support the person that was pushing the initial ordinance in Charlotte, Chad Sevearance-Turner?

      Wasn’t he, it or whatever the homosexual or whatever identity he/it wanted to be that day arrested for a lewd act upon a child under 16 and is on a sex-offender list?

      1. I support the ordinance for the people. I do not know Sevearance-Turner so I can’t say anything about that. You don’t know me so don’t assume that I support Sevearance-Turner.

    3. You have the right to use the restroom that corresponds to your sex… period. Tranny’s are forgetting that a piss off woman will cause you more physical damage than if they go to the big boys room. It is perverted to think you can go pee in the women’s restroom because (you) are confused about what you think you might be. That, as in your confusion, is not my problem. Follow my granddaughter into the women’s restroom and see if you don’t come out in a different condition than when you went in.
      Heterosexuals….. grab your US flags, carry signs demanding that heterosexuals have THEIR rights protected.

    4. Are you as ignorant as your brainless comment indicates? REALLY…allowing ANY man into a woman’s restroom, dressing room, shower where privacy is the one and ONLY purpose of the separation by gender, which is the ONLY gender separation permitted by the present civil rights laws, is simply a matter of hate against transgender and serves nothing? LOOK you perverted fruitcake jackass…it opens the door for ANY pedophile man to simply waltz into a ladies bathroom, shower, locker room by merely stating he “feels” like a female, thus allowing him direct, private access to harm his victims. This, to you and your mentally sick pricks is perfectly OK as long as YOU get to force your dementia and body dysmorphia on the 99%…YOU sir/madam/thing/it are as stupid, ignorant, selfish and misguided as this federal government, which makes sense. Seriously…that BULLSHIT just spoke itself out of your brainless skull without any filter or thought, didn’t it…it is OK…you have serious mental issues to start with…just admit you are a POS moron as we all know anyway. NOBODY gives one squirt of piss about your 1% LBGT XYZ gay agenda…we CARE about our 51+% female (real, legitimate female) segment and children. You GD MF assholes are some sick bastards, for real. Now…stfu and take your victim status into the cornfield.

    5. These sick reprobates need to be institutionalized–the last thing I want, is some scumbag using the same restroom that my wife and daughters are using. Nothing a good 2 x4 wouldn’t cure. Where does it end!!!! This country is in trouble and going over the edge and libs are leading the parade (probable gay pride) at that. Not in my state and community!

    6. What is next? Rapist rights?…murderer rights, pedophilia rights..they were born that way to! no more boundaries with you lib scum!

    7. It must be that people like you have forgotten right from wrong and as from birth a women I am not going to accept this mental illness. Enough is enough and the 1-2 % who are sick enough to force this on the rest of us with your school room name calling grow up and go home leave us alone,some don’t want your ideas of immoral crap.the rest of you who lay down and take this shame on you get off your rears and stop enabling, open your mouth and speak up to the bullies.

    8. Sorry to see not only are you confused about your own sexuality but your confused on how to use a simple urinal as well. Just stand there and pee like any other male…it really isn’t rocket science.

    9. If one truly believes he is a woman trapped in a male body or, transversely, a man trapped inside a female body, then said person should have an operation to bring the body in-line with the mind. If you sincerely wish to be the “opposite” sex of that which you were born, then transform your self from “transgendered” to “transformed” and become the sex you believe yourself to be. If you are not willing to do this, this law is made to protect our youth and weak from you and those who think like you. If you are not committed enough to change your body to the sex you claim to identify with, then you are not a genuine transgendered person, but, instead, an impostor. It is the impostors from which this law seeks to protect our innocent youth and vulnerable females. Should you. JBP, fail to recognize this, then you are trapped within the confines of the mindless minions who follow any trend which supports anarchy and anti-established morality.

    10. Why would you think I would hate anyone. I just don’t accept men who think or identify as a woman going into a shower or bath room with my grand daughter. They already have deep physcological problems.

    11. How would you know where Jesus went to the restroom? I don’t recall that tidbit from Sunday School. Your comment was stupid and does nothing to support the argument for your insane and degenerate cause.

  2. So if it has the male parts…why does it need to squat? If it has castrated or “reassigned” itself or whatever it is they do…..why is it not committed to truly switching over? This is more a mental health issue than anything else. I guess you are right Brant, it is more concerned with some vulgar pictures than with some perceived “right”. One more reason to keep it out of the women’s room what with the flash bulbs popping as it takes a selfie while doing a #2.

  3. When, oh when did we forsake our common sense. I’m old enough to remember the days when taking children to public restrooms was a decision process. When I was with my daughter – no problem. When I’m with my boys, how old can they be to take them to the ladies room to protect them yet not be uncomfortable for other women? Forget about my husband out with my daughter!

    Ms. Nayfack has choices in life. Go to a ladies room as a lady, act like a lady and shut up. Have her birth certificate changed if in fact he’s “changed”. Go to the men’s room, stand up and shut up. Nobody checks birth certificates at the door as far as I know.

    I’m happy NC has the will to withstand the onslaught of the left. I’m in no mood to share bathrooms with men that can’t act like ladies.

  4. There is no such thing as transgender. The junk below and your dna determine your gender not the sickness in your head. Perverts need to stay out of public restrooms completely, and go back into their closets where they belong.

  5. Seems to me it’s another attention seeking whore. I’m sorry, but that thing is not a tranny it is a drag queen on a promotional tour for his tacky assed play

  6. I’ll probably be arrested for some level of assault but I’ll pee all over the first cretin I find squatting on a urinal!

  7. America seems to be in frenzy of late. Suddenly society sees all former moral restraints removed. I’ll certainly be call a bigot or perhaps a Bible thumper if I call this frenzy by it’s true name, SIN. Now there is a real non PC word! One final thought, this one comes from the real truth. We shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ.

  8. These gay freaks apparently feel they can do whatever they want and try to forcefully impose their psycho lifestyles on everyone. Be warned…..there is a section of society that has had enough of you. Try that around me, my family, my friends, children, women, or anyone that is offended in my presence and I won’t be calling the cops. I’m simply going to beat your ass senseless. Enjoy your reverse bully tactics.

  9. if some jerk wants to sit on a urinal to prove a point go to it. Just shows the true mind set of mental In balance. Sitting on a urinal how disgusting, you may need medical marijuana to combat the filth, germs, etc.
    GO FOR IT!!!!!!!

  10. I don’t get you people. If you looked like a woman and went into a women’s restroom no one would give you a second look. Get over yourself.

    1. Bb … you are 1000% correct. Cross-dressers have been using the restrooms of their preference for years … and that was okay. “Don’t ask/Don’t tell”. They went to the restroom that corresponded with their outfit of the day. It worked for us,all … now all the sudden … any swinging doo dah can waltz into any restroom and we’re supposed to applaud them? Bleep this stupidity that has infected the collective liberal mindset. The cross dressers have screwed themselves with their insistence that they are like everyone else. Sorry, your not. I mean if I decide that I’m in a relationship with Hugh Jackman ( and there’s lots of us ladies that really think he’s hot) and go bebopping into his house because I am obsessed with him … is he obligated to welcome me in and be my lover? Of course not, as your fantasies don’t make you a male or female … your chromosomes and genetalia do. Period. Get your sex change guys and then take a squat … Ladies that want to be men, same thing, have the surgery and than stand up to pee in the men’s room. Because until you have the sex change operation, you are what you are … not what you fantasize about being.

      1. Well said. The Hugh Jackman fantasy analogy is so appropriate. The sad thing is, we are in a debate with people who are mentally disturbed, sadly deceived, proudly degenerate, or just plain evil.

  11. All this is just a shot at Jesus Christ as represented by His Church. (NO denomination intended.)
    Get laws in place that Christians can’t stand, and then sue churches out of existence on claims of “hate crimes”.
    Use the law to silence any and all opposition.

  12. Perhaps today’s transgender issues are prevalent due to America’s void in mental health care.

  13. Democrats whine about ”the one percent” but here they are pandering to the ”one half of one percent”. They are totally out to lunch.

  14. The NC law does not violate the civil rights law. It says you cannot discriminate due to sexual preference. The so-called transgenders may still use the men’s bathroom as before, just not the women’s. I don’t believe the intent of said law was to allow women to use men’s room or men to use women’s room. They are still allow to dress up and act like whatever they choose, but still should use the appropriate bathroom. Just because one may feel like a dog doesn’t mean he can carry a poop scoop, drop his pants and crap in the middle of the street.

  15. Reminds me of the cover of Foreigner’s Head Games album. I hope she pee’s all over herself

  16. bottom line. if you have a tool use the man’s, if you have no tool use the woman’s room…what is so hard! no one carries their birth certificate around with them. I don’t really believe in the LBGT movement but whatever their tool set is is the room they have to use!

  17. Even though I now live in Florida, I have always been proud of being born and raised in NC. I am even more proud of that fact now. May God bless and keep the Tarheel State, a place where common sense and decency still reign…at least for now.

  18. I VERY REGULARLY dress as a female and pass very convincingly. Like MOST cross-dressers, I am heterosexual with no perverted intentions towards any females. I use the women’s restrooms anywhere I go with no questions or problems. I look and act like a lady in all situations. I think there is more potential for sexual misconduct with male pedophiles approaching boys in men’s rooms than any cross-dresser would ever cause in a women’s restroom

  19. Does this transgender still have the male genitalia, as many male to female do? This is going to be funny. That’s all, funny!

  20. This is ridiculous as the laws wording prevents this sort of thing from being a necessity. First of all if “she” is physically a she now then she can have her birth certificate changed to reflect her… change.

    Secondly, if “she” is still a man then “she” is just using this as a publicity stunt as “she” could use a urinal as well as any other man.

    This law does not only protect women and girls from men who will use the loop hole to gain access to ladies bathrooms or locker rooms, but it does not discriminate against anyone. To discriminate, you have to single someone out for a specific reason. A law that states everyone with male parts uses the male restroom and those with female parts use female restrooms, by definition, cannot be discriminatory. It definately isn’t discriminatory based on sex or gender as they are both defined as either of the two main categories or reproductive organs. The two main ones are obviously male and female, but the other is hermaphrodite. Now, people can be born with six different karyotypes, X, XX, XXY, XY, XYY, and XXXY. There are studies that show that a person can be born with a brain that is a different gender than their body normally happens when a baby is immune to mothers testosterone which form a male body but a female brain (yes there are significant differences between male and female brains). However, most transgender people simply suffer from some form of mental illness (not my opinion, a fact) these are the people who get a reassignment surgery only to regret it later.

    However, none of this makes North Carolina’s law a problem. The law states that anyone having started treatments or taking hormones can legally use the bathroom of the gender they are becoming. This is the simplest way to allow actual transgendered people to use the other facilities without opening the door for any crackpot who tries to claim to be transgendered just to gain access to the women’s restrooms (let’s face it, only men are trying to gain access to the opposite bathrooms).

    It differs with my own opinion, but I see North Carolina’s law as a compromise. The purpose of having two separate locker rooms is that people with one set of organs does not share the same one with people with a different set of organs. My family and I belong to the YMCA, and their changing areas are wide open. It would be innapropriate for a male to undress in front of girls as it is for a female to undress in front of boys.

    The restroom isn’t as big of an issue for me because both restrooms have stalls. So my girls won’t see a male urinating, and my son won’t see a female urinating. However, I would argue that restrooms cater to the two specific reproductive organs. So it would seem fitting that each bathroom be limited to those with the colorating organs. My main concern with the restroom arguement is that when I take my girls somewhere, I shouldn’t have to worry about a guy being in there that may or may not be transgendered. As of right now there is no test for being transgendered, and I will be the last one to take someone’s word for it. When it comes to my kids, I will not take any chances, and neither will most parents. If it ever does come to the point where transgendered women are allowed in the ladies room, you might want to wear a sign around your neck. People wont know the difference, so they might treat you like a pedophile at a playground, and it won’t have anything to do with you being transgendered.

  21. During recent years depravity has become the “new normal” in our country, but there should still be some limitations.
    HB2 does not target LBGT individuals, but the perverts and pedophiles who would use false “gender identity” to cloak their criminal intent. The vehement objections by celebrities and businesses to a law that protects women and girls from rapists, kidnappers, and molesters, shows little understanding of the depraved nature some people display.
    And, make no mistake, if the law is overturned (our Democrat Attorney General who is running for governor has already said he won’t defend it), those hypocrites responsible will accept no blame when such crimes inevitably occur. They’ll shake their collective heads in wonderment, and say that nobody could have foreseen such crimes happening.
    But then, it’s already happening in Canada, LA County, Seattle, and Illinois where open bathroom laws have been implemented.

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