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#ncpol: A chat with Hasan

I had the chance, for the first time ever, to communicate directly with the chairman of the NCGOP.  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how calm and cool he was — given all of the garbage being thrown his way right now….

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#ncpol: The chairman strikes back (with pictures!)

Yes, Hasan Harnett has returned fire in the very public political spat that has the chattering classes chattering and his continued chairmanship of the NCGOP on the line.  He sent out THIS email today: […] I hate that this internal conflict has boiled over and…

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ONE MORE piece of dishonesty uncovered in ConnectNC scam

Hey, what’s ONE MORE LIE between friends suckers fellow human beings um, whatever? Nick Ochsner of Charlotte’s WBTV — the last driveby even pretending to DO HIS JOB — has produced another zinger. Fresh off of getting Gov. Pat McCrory on video denying that he…

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Texts: NCGOP’s Woodhouse, Steward appear to be driving anti-Harnett effort

It appears that several members of the NCGOP Central Committee and various other muckety-mucks got together for a group text session: The content of the text screenshots we received indicate that executive director Dallas Woodhouse is much more than an innocent bystander in the whole…

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Brannon IN, Roche OUT in NC-02 (Vernon Robinson IN for NC-13?)

Fresh off of losing his second straight US Senate primary race,  Cary physician Greg Brannon is NOW setting his sights on the new 2nd congressional district US House seat currently held by Renee Ellmers:   I heard from some Brannon advisers this morning.  They tell me…

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THEY’RE BACK !!! (Filing for June starts …)

Just when you thought you were going to get a break from the signs, ads, robo-calls, polls and other zaniness, it’s BACK.  Yes, the filing period for the June special primary has opened up.  And the candidates are coming out of the woodwork. So far,…

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Lazy, shiftless driveby media STILL beating that DEAD racism horse

If we’re going to hold every performer / politician / public figure / writer / speaker / etc. responsible for the actions of their supporters, let’s at least be evenhanded and fair about it. (For the record, I take no responsibility for the actions of…

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The Art Pope myth

t’s funny.  I hear all of this whining and gnashing-of-the-teeth from the left about “conservative bogeyman” Art Pope. He gets portrayed as some kind of crusading right-winger with deep pockets ready to revolutionize North Carolina and America. From what I’ve observed — up close and…

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Harnett: Cease the attacks. Keep our eyes on the prize.

Likely still reeling from an election-eve ambush by state-run media,  NCGOP chairman Hasan Harnett has taken to Facebook to mount a defense and rally his troops: Where are all the alleged elected leaders on this?  Where are the governor and the lieutenant governor?  They are…

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The Morning After

Oh, we had a wee bit of news yesterday, didn’t we?  The state board of elections site gives us the obvious winners and losers, but let’s look at it from some other angles:  It’s good to be an incumbent.  It’s pretty clear that lobbyists and…