#ncpol: The chairman strikes back (with pictures!)

hh3Yes, Hasan Harnett has returned fire in the very public political spat that has the chattering classes chattering and his continued chairmanship of the NCGOP on the line.  He sent out THIS email today:

[…] I hate that this internal conflict has boiled over and gone public. I have tried for many weeks to get this resolved privately. My name and reputation have been attacked. I am a volunteer Chairman. I sacrifice my time, honor, and fortune for this party. I want nothing more than it to grow and be a successful organization.

I have been met with opposition from the day I was elected. People have been scheming and working against me, but I am not going to sit down and shut up. The establishment wants to limit involvement in our party and shut out the grassroots so it is easier to control.download

The current defamation of my character started with a dispute over who has authority under the Plan of Organization to set the delegate fees. The Plan of Organization authorizes me to call the convention. A reasonable person would assume a call to any meeting includes time, location, and cost. My call to the convention did just that.

As a candidate for state chairman, I pledged to lower and eliminate the business session delegate fees. I am a man of my word, and I will fight for ALL Republicans no matter if they are rich or poor. In an effort to make me a liar, the Central Committee tried to raise the fee from $75 to $90. The Central Committee made a “recommendation” for the fee to be $90. All Central Committee meetings are recorded for secretarial purposes. I ask that the discussion over the $90 “recommendation” be released to thetea Executive Committee so that they can hear the truth for themselves. It was a recommendation. They do not have the authority to set the fees and have never in our party history set the fees.

After I called the convention, Dallas Woodhouse the Executive Director without any authority to do so kicked me out of the databases, website, and my own email. That is when things went public. I tried for many days to resolve these disputes internally, but Woodhouse refused.

Now, HERE is where it gets interesting:

After being shut out of the databases, website, and my own email,Vice Chairwoman Michele Nix and I were contacted by Ken Robol the website coordinator for the 3rd district NC GOP telling us that he can “hack” into the website. As shown in the attached PowerPoint, I did not solicit the hacking of the NC GOP website, and I never ordered anyone to hack into the website.

After text message conversations (see screenshots) with Ken Robol, Robol immediately went to Tom Stark NC GOP General Counsel to make a statement saying I ordered him to hack the NC GOP website. Ironically, the organizer of the Central Committee meeting to censure me was Kim Cotten West, the 3rd district Chairwoman, the same district where Ken Robol resides.2nd-Joyce-Cotten

Interesting. He is contacted by an associate of Kim Cotten-West (daughter of Joyce Cotten) about “hacking” the web site, and the next thing he knows he’s being dragged up in front of the central committee by Ms. Cotten-West for censure.   (Here is a Powerpoint with screen shots confirming Harnett’s version of events.) MORE: 

I repeat, I never solicited nor ordered the website to be hacked.

All of the emails, screenshots of conversations, and details are listed in the attached PowerPoint.

I hope that we can move past this. I pray for Dallas Woodhouse and the Central Committee. Even with the extreme untrue allegations against me, I still believe we are all on the same team. The truth must be released, and the public can decide for themselves.

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  1. “I have been met with opposition from the day I was elected.”

    Actually, before that. Remember when he’d booked a hospitality suite at the convention hotel, only to have someone at NCGOP call the hotel and next thing you know, he was notified that his reservation was canceled?

  2. Bless Hasan and his sweet family. He is a God honoring man and truly cares about our Party. Hasan has been plotted against since the last NCGOP convention and has tolerated so much cruelty. My hope is that the truth will prevail and those who plotted against him will be exposed. The outcome we will see….

    1. We need to get rid of toxic Central Committee members and others like Woodhouse who cause trouble in the GOP. Let’s start with John Steward in the 9th District for his evil plots against Hasan that became public. He should have resigned from the embarrassment of that text or censured by his district. I looked at his Facebook page and he acts like nothing even happened -no worries, we all lost respect for him even if he acts like nothing happened. I hope the new 9th District will have enough sense to find a new Chairman. Steward needs to go. I spoke with a friend that will be moving to the new 9th and he, along with many many others, would like to censure him from even attending current 8th district events. Woodhouse needs to go immediately too.

  3. If I were Hasan, I would challenge his character assassins to a polygraph test. Let them all take a polygraph, and it will tell who is lying.

    This smells like a set up to me, and those responsible for the set up should do the party a favor and resign. Otherwise, maybe we need a petition to remove most of the Central Committee.

    1. This is why the plan of organization needs to be changed so the executive committee votes in each voting member of the central committee you should not get on the central committee just from winning your district chairmanship. you should have to win at district for a at large executive committee seat but then the whole EC should choose who they trust to run the weekly/monthly operations on the CC

      This way the executive committee could recall the central committee and hold new elections for the committee at any point with a 2/3 vote

      I would also not be against staggered terms and each year voting in half the committee and so it will always have new folks and old folks so no one would get too much power and that no one would serve back to back terms

      the only one that would be against my proposed structure is someone that wanted to gain power. This is fair for everyone and would be best for a healthy state party

      1. I totally agree with Patrick’s points, our management structure needs to be overhauled. PoO Committee, please take note.

        1. I know two excellent members of the POO committee and I can tell you that they want input from folks.

          Submit your proposed changes in the usual draft form….the present form//the change inserted into the present form//how the new change will look

          1. It is not just a matter of changing a few words or lines in the document this is what has happened for the last 10 years at least that has weakened and made the document less structured over time

            if the current PoO committee wanted to make one positive change they would put in a visual organizational diagram that clearly displays the power structure of the party as written in the PoO. anyone should be able to glance at a diagram and understand the party quickly without having to process reading the whole document. I understand this had been discussed and voted down

            Steps to start the plan over from scratch

            1. get as many past copies of the plan archived online in one place for all to see and read
            2. get all other states plans archived online in one place
            3. Then use a website like github to develop the new plan in public with everyone able to suggest ideas in the document and the committee able collaborate with more voices in real time. All submitted ideas would be in the public for all other republicans to see and things would not be lost in a committee discussion and then hidden forever
            4. The plan or org committee would last all year long and never disbanded between conventions.Only a new version adopted at each convention. In the new plan this committee would be supervised and guided by actions of the executive committee and a report submitted at each EC meeting if needed.

  4. There can be no neutrality in this conflict. Chairman Harnett has proven that Dallas Woodhouse is a liar and some members of the Cent Comm did conspire to remove him as Chair.

  5. Isn’t computer hacking a crime? Perhaps even a federal crime? Isn’t soliciting a crime also a crime?

    Maybe there needs to be a formal complaint to law enforcement. Maybe they need to follow the trail from this would-be hacker who tried to set Harnett up to those behind him. It is highly unlikely that he came up with this scheme on his own. Make them all do the perp walk.

  6. We support you 100%. You were elected and you have done a great job. Sadly, jealous turns adults into acting like children. While $90 is not a lot of money, it is to some. I am a cancer patient and my husband has heart issues that have left us buried in medical bills. He is an elected delegate to the convention, but sadly, we will probably not be able attend.

    1. Send Brant a private message with your contact information, and I will arrange to pay your Convention fees.

    2. You are just the sort of person this fee is designed to drive off. This tactic will give us control of the convention.

      1. we seem to be playing a game of chicken with having or not having a executive committee meeting

        It seems from my understanding the executive committee should be able to pass a motion to accept the Chairman’s fee structure and undo this whole $90 mess

  7. I certainly hope HASAN has obtained legal help. Anyone know how to start a Go Fund Me Account for HASAN HARNETT? I want to be the first to contribute to help him with Legal fees!

  8. And it never has not come out yet that a week ago Hasan asked for a $120,000.00 annual salary from GOP and a large travel budget.

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