ONE MORE piece of dishonesty uncovered in ConnectNC scam

laughHey, what’s ONE MORE LIE between friends suckers fellow human beings um, whatever?

Nick Ochsner of Charlotte’s WBTV — the last driveby even pretending to DO HIS JOB — has produced another zinger.

Fresh off of getting Gov. Pat McCrory on video denying that he was “making the case” for the ConnectNC bond while using state resources — which is a violation of state lawwe now have THIS: 

An On Your Side investigation has uncovered videos of Governor Pat McCrory advocating for passage of the Connect NC bond just a week after he denied ever doing so.

The Connect NC bond initiative was first proposed by McCrory last year before being approved by the North Carolina General Assembly and being put on the ballot for a vote in the March 15 primary.

A review of McCrory’s public schedule for the time between the bond initiative being approved by the legislature and the March 15 vote shows the governor crisscrossed the state holding bond-related events.shake

A press release put out by the McCrory campaign on the day of the vote said he had been “traveling the state extensively to make the case for the Connect NC bond.”

State law prohibits the use of public money or resources to promote a bond referendum.


But videos and news articles uncovered by On Your Side Investigates shows McCrory may have crossed the line between education and advocacy on at least three occasions.

“And that’s what I’m going to be encouraging the voters to do come March, is allow the voters to prepare for the future as opposed to reacting to the future,” McCrory said at an event promoting the bond at Stone Mountain State Park on October 22, 2015.

Months later, at a March 3, 2016 speech to a crowd at the NC Zoo—billed as the an event to welcome a new polar bear—McCrory once again urged support for the bond.

“Please support these bonds, it’s very, very important,” McCrory said.

McCrory underscored the importance of passing the Connect NC bond during a discussion at UNC Wilmington on March 9, 2015.lies-politics-244x300

“We don’t have a Plan B,” McCrory told reporters. “We don’t have one because this is my Plan A, and I’m pushing my Plan A because this is the most fiscally responsible plan.”

The Governor’s staff dismissed the comments as ‘harmless’ when asked by On Your Side Investigates to respond to the remarks caught on camera.

“WBTV should stop trying to twist harmless comments into a reckless, misleading narrative that disregards the governor’s First Amendment rights,” spokesman Graham Wilson said.

Wilson did not respond to follow up questions from On Your Side Investigates seeking to clarify whether the Governor would agree his comments in the videos were, in fact, advocating for the bond.

The record of the bond proponents was nothing less than shameful.  From lying about (1) no tax increases to pay off the bond, to (2) shaking down colleges for taxpayer funds to pay for the marketing campaign, to (3) claiming failure to pass the bond would jeopardize North roach_cartoonCarolina’s security, to (4) not actually disclosing the actual projects or methodology for determining their costs, some of those pro-bond folks are guaranteed a one-way ticket straight to Hell.  Outright lying to folks who trust you to manage the affairs of the state is despicable.

Moving from Rs to Ds will not fix Raleigh.  It will be like what happened in 2010 and 2012 — simply installing a new crowd of money-changers in the temple.  Raleigh, like DC, needs to be fumigated.