Dallas, Mama Joyce & the lynch mob storm Jones Street seeking crack-down on ”Chairin’-while-black”

2nd-Joyce-CottenWhile the honorables were in town Wednesday to protect the sanctity of toilets from Murphy to Manteo, some very, um, *special* lobbyists were ‘in tha house’ as well.  A contingent of the Hasan-hunting clique at NCGOP — led by Dallas Woodhouse and Joyce Cotten a/k/a “The Mother-in-law from HELL” — was trolling the hallways of the legislative complex harassing elected Republicans to sign a petition to ‘git’ Hasan Harnett.

Dallas and Mama Joyce are apparently trying to collect signatures from legislators as part of a campaign to call for a special meeting — prior to this summer’s state party convention — to deal with the question of whether Hasan Harnett will continue as state party chairman.  Barely nine months into his term of office, Harnett is being harangued and harrassed for everything from alleged computer hacking to being insensitive to Dallas to alleged poor fundraising.  (Note to self:  Check the bathroom bill the General Assembly just passed to see if ‘insensitivity to Dallas’ is officially now a violation of state law.) 

Harnett has been locked out of his official email account on multiple occasions, and has been the subject of mutliple nasty leaks to a McCrory campaign controlled website and newspaper. 90

I talked with one long-time NCGOP player who had this observation:

“If less-than-stellar fundraising was a disqualifier for being chairman, there are a lot of folks who should have been thrown out of office prior to Mr. Harnett.  Under every previous chairmanship, there were regular calls to big donors like Mr. Luddy or Mr. Pope for last-minute checks to cover things like the light bill or payroll.  Anyone who has been around this party for a while knows this dog won’t hunt.  This is clearly something vicious and personal.”

My source had a question that has also been nagging at me.  In an election year, does a party — that has touted itself as the party of Lincoln that also wants to increase black membership and participation — really want to run its first elected black state chairman out of town on a rail? 


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  1. “In an election year, does a party — that has touted itself as the party of Lincoln that also wants to increase black membership and participation — really want to run its first elected black state chairman out of town on a rail??”

    And with a vulgar misogynist and xenophobe about to be your Presidential nominee, there go a lot of women voters and Hispanics. And with the big-business backlash against H2, a whole lot of corporate leaders might shut the checkbooks and sit out the endorsements… Hm. Tent’s getting smaller.

  2. Brant, please help get the information out to party activists as to which legislators are collaborating with the Dallas Woodhouse / Joyce Cotten War on the Grassroots.

  3. The party mailed me a state convention invitation today – even though I’m not a registered Republican anymore and was not at precinct meetings this year. Hey, your party donations at work!

    This doesn’t even look like a convention with the big names of prior ones, which would goose up the various dinner events

    1. Oh, I don’t know…past speakers have included Haley Barbour and Karl Rove. I quit doing dinners after Haley Barbour came down here and started lecturing us about we had to be practical and couldn’t be absolute purists about our conservatism.

      1. Karl Rove and Haley Barbour know how to put these upstart ”grassroots” people, who are the unwashed masses, the sorry peasants who should have no say in anything, in their place. Rove has led efforts against the conservatives all over the country. Of course, we should honor him. Haley Barbour is a top lobbyist, including for the government of Mexico, and is just the sort we should be promoting. It was Haley and his son Henry who did all the race baiting in Mississippi to stampede black liberal Democrats to vote in the GOP primary to keep that upstart conservative State Senator from beating our establishment incumbent. He is just the sort of person we need to bring to our conventions. Maybe he can even help us figure out how to race bait better against Hasan.

    2. Yes, I got that invite as well….and noticed no expense spared….I would say if you’re worried about how to pay the bills… You might want to stop wasting money exclamation point

    3. You have a point. The highly profitable events at conventions are the dinners and receptions, and to maximize revenue, the key is to get speakers who will draw a crowd and get the information out early enough to help encourage people to attend. This must certainly be earlier than the cutoff for early bird registrations, and should be earlier than the county conventions if possible, to help encourage people to sign up as delegates.

      To get the top attendance and profit, the speakers should be ones that will appeal to the grassroots to splurge on the full package but not run off the establishment folks. And I repeat, they need to be announced early. The earlier they are announced, even if the list is only partial, the better the draw of attendees. Rove and Barbour are exactly the types that should be avoided, as they are despised by many of the grassroots. Similarly, Ann Coulter would have run off the establishment types. There are a number of conservative US Senators who would have really fit the bill as prime draws – Jeff Sessions, Mike Lee, Tom Cotton, or Ben Sasse, for example. A lesser event, such as a luncheon, with Congressman Dave Brat, who took out Eric Cantor in the primary, would have helped draw the grassroots, and if it bugged establishment types, then they could have taken a powder on the lesser event.

      All of this is a matter of staff work to put together. Was our NCGOP staff clueless or just asleep at the switch? The big opportunity to raise money at the convention has been blown big time.

      1. Maybe those at NCGOP HQ should look at how Francis deLuca over at Civitas promotes his big events like the annual Conservative Conference they just put on. Civitas still knows how to do it, as NCGOP in times past used to, as well.

        Civitas started early in sending out emails to its previous attendees on each major speaker they lined up, building interest, and soliciting registration for the conference each time. They started this early, and kept at it. They always sell out all the spaces at their conferences.

        Francis was one of those rumored last year as a prospective NCGOP ED, something I never really believed at the time since he is in a better position where he is to help the cause. But it is sad that we do not have anyone of his organizational ability on staff at NCGOP. That sort of skill would have helped the party immensely in achieving the financial results it should from this convention.

  4. Now old Joyce thinks she is going to be the new chairman. Why do you think she is working so hard at this? But I have news for her. It should be me. I should be the chairman. Of course, I guess I could gender identify as female and run for National Committeewoman, but the chairman is a higher position and that is for me. With the support of Joyce and her crowd on the Central Committee, I am already, for all practical purposes, the chairman. After we get rid of Hasan, I need the title, too.

    And it is really amazing how downright stupid some of these legislators really are in party matters. They let you use them like toilet paper.

  5. Yeah. I want a copy of that petition. Let’s just call it the Who’s Who of Republicans I’ll be going out of my way to work against in primaries AND general elections.

  6. Just got an email with these folks exposed for scheming against Hasan. It is time they apologize to him and step down from their positions.

    1. “Just got an email with these folks exposed for scheming against Hasan. It is time they apologize to him and step down from their positions.”

      Who are they?

  7. The days of the KKK is alive and well in the NCGOP thanks to Joyce COTTEN, Dallas WOODHOUSE and associates. I guess the lynch rope is being prepared for the convention. Thanks to these racist minded people NC will turn BLUE this November.

  8. Let’s look at all the ways the establishment crowd on the Central Committee are trying to suppress the grassroots vote at this convention, so that they can control the National Committeeman and National Committeewoman and the national delegates.

    1. The grossly excessive registration fee for the business sessions of the convention. They are trying to price out the grassroots, or enough of it to give the establishment control.

    2. The registration cutoff on April 22. No more registration at the door as has been the practice in the past. This is likely to fall harder on the grassroots.

    3. Not promoting good speakers for dinners, luncheons, etc. at the convention. Grassroots oriented speakers would promote more grassroots delegates attending the convention, paying the registration fee, and also paying for the fundraising event fees.

    All of these things hurt the party financially, even the higher registration fee, as the higher fee will mean a smaller crowd. This gang on the Central Committee is so dead set on control that they are willing for the party to take a financial hit for them to keep that control. Suppressing the grassroots vote is their goal, not raising money for the party.

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