Dallas, Mama Joyce & the lynch mob storm Jones Street seeking crack-down on ”Chairin’-while-black”

2nd-Joyce-CottenWhile the honorables were in town Wednesday to protect the sanctity of toilets from Murphy to Manteo, some very, um, *special* lobbyists were ‘in tha house’ as well.  A contingent of the Hasan-hunting clique at NCGOP — led by Dallas Woodhouse and Joyce Cotten a/k/a “The Mother-in-law from HELL” — was trolling the hallways of the legislative complex harassing elected Republicans to sign a petition to ‘git’ Hasan Harnett.

Dallas and Mama Joyce are apparently trying to collect signatures from legislators as part of a campaign to call for a special meeting — prior to this summer’s state party convention — to deal with the question of whether Hasan Harnett will continue as state party chairman.  Barely nine months into his term of office, Harnett is being harangued and harrassed for everything from alleged computer hacking to being insensitive to Dallas to alleged poor fundraising.  (Note to self:  Check the bathroom bill the General Assembly just passed to see if ‘insensitivity to Dallas’ is officially now a violation of state law.) 

Harnett has been locked out of his official email account on multiple occasions, and has been the subject of mutliple nasty leaks to a McCrory campaign controlled website and newspaper. 90

I talked with one long-time NCGOP player who had this observation:

“If less-than-stellar fundraising was a disqualifier for being chairman, there are a lot of folks who should have been thrown out of office prior to Mr. Harnett.  Under every previous chairmanship, there were regular calls to big donors like Mr. Luddy or Mr. Pope for last-minute checks to cover things like the light bill or payroll.  Anyone who has been around this party for a while knows this dog won’t hunt.  This is clearly something vicious and personal.”

My source had a question that has also been nagging at me.  In an election year, does a party — that has touted itself as the party of Lincoln that also wants to increase black membership and participation — really want to run its first elected black state chairman out of town on a rail?