Harnett: Cease the attacks. Keep our eyes on the prize.

Likely still reeling from an election-eve ambush by state-run media,  NCGOP chairman Hasan Harnett has taken to Facebook to mount a defense and rally his troops:


Where are all the alleged elected leaders on this?  Where are the governor and the lieutenant governor?  They are both on the ballot in November.  This can’t possibly be helpful.  This situation is screaming for some grownups-with-authority to step in. 

Just like at Nuremburg, silence equals complicity.  

19 thoughts on “Harnett: Cease the attacks. Keep our eyes on the prize.

  1. I STAND with Hasan Harnett! He is the elected Chairman of the NCGOP, elected by the delegates instead of the establishment pick C Collins. Like me, I take his word that this is tricks, attacks and lies. Who will stand with Hasan Harnett? Can you come to Raleigh on Sunday March 20? Central Committee meets at 2:00pm at NCGOP Headquarters. 1506 Hillsborough St. Yes, I do know it is Palm Sunday, go to early service and come to Raleigh. They picked Sunday to keep people away, I do believe they meet on Saturdays most of the time. Pray for Hasan, pray and for his family.

  2. You would think that the Republican establishment would rethink their position on who they are going to Piss-Off in light of the severe thumping AJ Daoud took this Tuesday. After the deal making to try to get their Boy Collins as Chairman failed when the grassroots dug in their heels and said Hell No. They puncuated it by telling AJ the same. Go ahead Central Committee the grassroots are Pissed just about enough to not show up to and support the establishment. Maybe that is your wish so you can blame the elected Chairman and get your sand box back. Beware the 8th of November, you may be saying, e tu herba radicibus!

    1. I hope in June somebody posts the credentials report on here. Serves them right if only 500 or so delegates show up.

      1. If no one shows up they will be celebrating this is what they want. They do not want the grassroots to influence the RNC national committeeman and committeewomen vote and also the rest of the delegates to the national convention

        So the less people that show off the happier the people will be that forced this rate hike

        1. Precisely. i will be there. theres a good chance that there will be two genuine and committed conservative candidates for National Committeewoman and Committeeman but they won’t be elected without a fight. Everyone should remember that these two individuals are considered Uncommitted delegates to the National Convention.

  3. Nc Gop Establishments better wake up and stop playing games. Especially on trying to keep their power. The grassroots and regular citizens are tired of GOP establishments trying to control something. The only power they have is what the republican members give them. Well it’s a new day. Either get on board or get out of the way. Harnett is the chairman and was voted in so stop the games and the crying and start working together. If haven’t notice thousands of democrats are switching to unaffiliated, just so they can vote on Republican Primaries. Time to close these primaries, it’s really affected the votes at local level. So let Harnett do his job that he was voted in to do. Stop crying and mend fences and let’s get to work for the citizens.

  4. With Donald Trump, and all this absurd in-fighting, and the horribly corrupt “establishment” GOP we have running our state government, And McCrory and Pope, et all, and the Dem-lites guys at the federal level, which includes our own state contributions of Burr and Tillis…

    I feel for the guy being undermined as he apparently is, but I’m also kinda wondering exactly who and where is this Republican Party that Hassan is describing…they seem very intent on becoming, as the Democrats already are, a group I have no interest in or respect for.

    I’m quite disgusted with the whole lot of them.

  5. This is indeed time for some adults to quiet down the children. There has been a faction on the Central Committee sniping at the chairman since he has been elected. That is not the way to build a party organization to win an election, and the election is the important thing here. There are things that can be criticized about how the chairman has handled things, as well, but the key is to look to November. This turmoil is one factor hurting fundraising, and if it gets worse, as in the rumored coup attempts, it will just hurt fundraising more. That is not what the party needs. Our ”leaders” need to consider the best interests of the party and leave their petty little egos at the door.

  6. This is the Tea Party versus the “establishment” and is “the people” versus Big Government! This why Donald Trump is succeeding!
    See you Sunday at 2PM, Hasan & Michelle!

    1. The Central Committee meeting has been cancelled. They failed to give 10 business days notice for the meeting. Thank you for your support Russ Henry!

      1. Your’e spreading rumors BEMema….. CC is still on and Zoo will be open (until they close it). Don’t feed the animals.

        1. Rufty has sent out an email that contains copies of the postmark of his notice and of the POO provisions. Unless he has doctored that postmark, the meeting appears to lack the required notice.

          With factional hacks instead of party loyalists as both General Counsel and Assistant General Counsel, it will be interesting to hear how they try to save their side’s bacon.

  7. The Establishment will go to ANY lengths to maintain control and silence those who refuse to fall in line. Truly evil people. I stand with Hasan.

  8. Sadly, at this juncture there is not a party General Counsel that we can trust. The last one was threatened by the establishment and resigned. The present one is an establishment factional player, not a party player, and he exhibited that at the last Executive Committee meeting. The Assistant General Counsel is a left wing Obama Republican who has put out hate messages against Ted Cruz on the internet, as reported here on the Haymaker when he ran for state vice chairman, and also supports Common Core and Amnesty for illegal aliens. What a mess!

    Why did the chairman allow these offices to come up for election without either making sure there was a grassroots candidate or notifying the Executive Committee of the vacancies? He should have done both things, and we are in the fix we are in because he did neither.

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