Brannon IN, Roche OUT in NC-02 (Vernon Robinson IN for NC-13?)

Fresh off of losing his second straight US Senate primary race,  Cary physician Greg Brannon is NOW setting his sights on the new 2nd congressional district US House seat currently held by Renee Ellmers:



I heard from some Brannon advisers this morning.  They tell me they see TWO hopeful signs for their man in the congressional race: (1) the new district encompasses the footprint of his medical practice’s market, and (2) their internal polling shows Holding and Brannon tied at 32 percent with Ellmers at 24 percent.

Meanwhile, veteran Ellmers nemesis Frank Roche has come to his senses and realized the foolhardiness of trying to take on TWO incumbent Members of Congress at the same time.

Meanwhile, over in the new 13th, we got some welcome news that state Rep. John Blust would be taking a crack at the GOP nomination. Apparently, Vernon Robinson — former Winston-Salem councilman and candidate for NC-5, NC-8, NC-13, DPI superintendent, NC House, NC Senate — will bevernthrowing his hat in the ring for the 13th as well. 

21 thoughts on “Brannon IN, Roche OUT in NC-02 (Vernon Robinson IN for NC-13?)

  1. Blust running is welcome news? To who, the liberal City Council of Greensboro?

    We have 2 great conservatives already running….Sen. Brock and Rep. Hardister.

    Blust needs to stay right there in the back row in the state house where he belongs. How anyone who claims to be conservative can support him after all he did last year to screw the people of Greensboro is beyond me.

    1. Senator Brock endorsed Marco ”Gang of 8” Rubio for president, the same Marco Rubio who in his campaign called for a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens and told a spanish language TV network in spanish that he would NOT revoke the Obama amnesty executive orders. Also the same Marco Rubio who voted for a gun ban as a councilman. What’s the old saying about birds of a feather? Sorry, but Brock through away any conservative credentials he previously had when he tried to push Marco Rubio on us.

      I suspect Brock will probably run about as well as his buddy Rubio did in NC.

    2. The Blust camp knows about Brock’s zipper problem with the girls in Raleigh. You boys better play nice or he might just stop being such a gentleman about it.

      1. What concerns me more is Brock’s amnesty problem with his endorsement of Marco ”Gang of 8” Rubio.

  2. Brannon should hit the amnesty/mass immigration issue especially hard, with Ellmers’ traitorous record on amnesty/importing foreign workers and Holding not far behind her.

    1. Yeah guess who could not bring himself to vote Romney. Like the good Dr didn’t know that you then just voted BHO.

  3. Let’s hope Brannon drastically improves his campaigning skills/strategy. I am a political junkie and he was nowhere to be found on his Senate race. He needs to stop the lectures, be succinct, and relatable on 3 key points, have a sense of humor and hammer that disgraceful Ellmers for her atrocious record. Nobody is in the mood for lectures.

  4. Greg Brannon is a natural fit for NC2. He’s sharp on all the issues, has improved his messaging and has honed his presentation skills and is far more personable and persuasive. #IBackBrannon all the way and intend on doing some campaigning for him in NC2 and then drive over to NC6 to help Pattie Curran defeat Virginia Foxx.

  5. Greg Brannon is awesome !!! NC needs him . They drew me out of 02 but I still support his efforts 100%

  6. This is a good place to start. He will be an awesome force in Washington, and young enough to make the Senate some day.

  7. Wonder if Brannon going to pay his fraud judgement before he goes to Washington? Going to fit right in.

    1. Bob the socialist is back. Are you still supporting Bernie? Or, have you warmed up to Hillary?

    2. Haven’t heard much about the stock deal. If Brannon becomes a serious candidate I am sure it will be brought up but if he does not better than he did against Burr then I guess the others will let sleeping stocks lie.

  8. Matt McCall, Register of Deeds and former party chairman in Iredell filed for the 13th today. I think he will run strong.

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