It’s ON! Nee-Nee v. Sleepy George for NC-02

imagesOk.  It has been talked about.  But, according to the state board of elections, we now have our first member v. member US House race in AGES.  George Holding, the scion of the family-owned First Citizens Bank and most-famous for falling asleep in the speaker’s chair, is moving from his currently-held 13th district to the newly-drawn 2nd district.  The new 2nd includes a good chunk of his current constituency.

Longtime readers of this site are well-familiar with Renee Ellmers and her antics.mouth

Conservative Review gives Holding a gentleman’s C (74%) and Ellmers a very un-ladylike F (52%).  Heritage Action says Holding is tied with Walter Jones as the state’s most conservative (89%)  while Ellmers gets a 54% rating. — making her the most liberal GOP House member from North Carolina.

Filing for tsleephe new congressional primaries ends on Friday.

27 thoughts on “It’s ON! Nee-Nee v. Sleepy George for NC-02

  1. Brannon ran the worst campaign ever against Tricky Dick and should not be challenging Holding who is extremely popular with his constituents and would easily beat Ellmers in a two person race. Brannon is starting to look like Frank Roche, a professional candidate continually searching for any office where he may succeed. Guess it won’t be long before Roche jumps in too. These gentlemen either have bad advisors or huge egos.

    1. Roche suspended his campaign this morning. Brannon seems to be a glutton for getting beaten. I like the guy, but come on man, give it a rest. I feel really bad for Jim Duncan. He was running a solid campaign, endorsed by C4G, and had lots of advertising on his behalf. Now he’s just been hung out to dry by the courts.

    2. This is totally embarrassing – Roche, now Brannon. Don’t they have anything better to do with their time?

      1. Holding is as much a RINO as Ellmers. If Duncan doesn’t compete in NC02; I would sit out. I’ll only vote for Brannon if Duncan is out.

        1. Wait, Holding is a RINO? Good, that makes Walter Jones a RINO too. I’ve been saying that for a long time.

          1. Wrong! Walter Jones voted against CRomnibus and Omnibus and all the Obama sellouts of both Boehner and Ryan. He also voted against them on the procedural vote on the rule as well as on the final vote. Jones was one of only two NC Congressmen to come out in favor of removing Boehner. He cast his vote for a Republican alternative to Boehner in two sessions of Congress and to a Republican alternative to Ryan.

            Congressman Dave Brat (R-VA), the guy who beat Eric Cantor in the primary has been in NC campaigning for Jones, while several key former aids to John Boehner have been raising money for Jones’ establishment challenger, Taylor Griffin. That speaks volumes about which side both of these men are on.

          2. Just an FYI Raphael, the gentleman above you called Holding a RINO. With a Heritage score tied with Jones and a CR score just two points lower, and by this criteria, also makes Jones a RINO.

            But it’s votes you want. Wonderful! Would you like to discuss Jones’ votes for big government in Dodd-Frank, against the military funding bills three of the last four years, his votes against the conservative budget substitution amendments for the last five years straight, or his vote against the 2011 Budget Control Act (which Sen. Mike Lee called “the most effective deficit reduction measure in the Obama era”), or his flip-flop on the clean CR during the government shutdown, or his vote against ending taxpayer-funded green energy programs? What about his support for public financing of campaigns, siding with Elizabeth Warren on reinstating Glass-Steagall, or the only Republican to sign legislation requiring Obama to negotiate with Iran? The year he got kicked off the Financial Services committee, his Heritage score was a 61 and his Club For Growth Score was a 51. Funny how these votes or actions are never mentioned by Jones supporters and all you can do is whine about “the establishment.”

            Brat came down ONCE back in October. You want to talk money? I’m sure you’re perfectly fine with the Soros-funded anti-Israel JStreetPAC funding Jones, and the EIGHTEEN different AFL-CIO-affiliated unions, and the crony capitalist sugar PACs, and the de Blasio-connected MAYDAY PAC. That says volumes on who Jones turns to for money in order to stay in office.

          3. Jones returned a contribution from J Street. Jones’ contributor list has page after page of local contributors from within the 3rd district. Griffin had only two people from the district on his latest filing and one of those was a lobbyist.

            The Haymaker has connected almost a third of Griffin’s contributions to a controversial liberal New York City bundler Paul Singer. Singer was the biggest funder for homosexual marriage in the country and has two issues he pushes hard – homosexual rights and amnesty for illegal aliens. Singer is responsible for a huge percentage of Griffin’s total fundraising, so much that the area with the largest percentage of Griffin contributors is New York City, and that is followed by Washington, DC, due to the fundraising of John Boehner’s associates.

          4. He didn’t return it last year, Raphael.

            It’s like clockwork. Completely ignore the liberal and progressive pro-gay marriage and pro-amnesty special interest money funding Jones – and his RINO voting record – and go right back to screaming “Establishment!” Keep it up, Raphael. It’s hilarious.

          5. Walter Jones is the only A rated Congressman from NC by the major anti-amnesty group Numbers USA.

            Taylor Griffin’s largest fundraiser, Paul Singer, is a fanatic supporter of amnesty for illegal aliens and of homosexual rights.

            That should tell you which side each is on! Singer wouldn’t be beating the bushes so hard for Griffin if he was not absolutely certainly that Griffin would support him on his key issues.

            Conservative congressmen Dave Brat, the guy who beat Eric Cantor, and Thomas Massie have been in the district campaigning for Jones. Brat was in Pitt and Dare counties and Massie in Pitt.

            Two of John Boehner’s key staff members have been very actively fundraising in the Washington, DC area for Taylor Griffin.

            That tells you which side both are on.

            Jones’ contributor list has page after page of Republicans from the 3rd district contributing to his campaign. Griffin’s latest list shows only two contributors from the 3rd district and one of those is a lobbyist.

            Griffin not only carpetbagged into the district, but he is being funding by out of state special interests.

    3. You have any hard evidence that Holding is “extremely popular” with his constituents? Having once lived in his district, I have to say that’s news to me. He’s never held an actual town hall meeting (in person, not virtual) and he’s repeatedly broken his core anti-spending campaign promise. His staff is more polite to constituents (with the notable exception of his chief of staff) than Ellmers staff but not particularly more effective at resolving constituent service issues.

      1. Wow – I think George Holding’s chief of staff Tucker Knott is exceptional. It is true that he is one of the most ethical men I have ever met on the hill but when it comes to representing the interests of the state he is the first to get involved and get the job done. Reach out again. Tucker is in politics for the right reason.

        1. I was speaking of basic courtesy, not his ethics. The one time I had the misfortune to encounter him, he was boorish in the extreme.

  2. Renee Ellmers and George Holden have never gone up against a real Conservative. Holden’s grade by the Conservative Review is a C and Ellmers’ grade is an F. Greg Brannon is the very definition of Conservative Constitutionalist! He is fighting for our country, for our rights, for our protection and he will not give up easily. It is THAT important to him. He is 100% pro life 100% of the time. It’s not about power or ego, but about freedom and upholding a sworn oath. We need more men like Greg Brannon fighting for us! If we had them, this country wouldn’t be spiraling downward at record speeds!

  3. Brannon followers are like cult members, just give it up already it ain’t going to happen.

  4. I am in Holding’s district and he is not in good standing with the district or conservatives. He voted for the Cromnibus which funded illegal amnesty, Obama Care, lobster tails for 48 million people on food stamps and everything a socialist can dream of. He never spoke out about Boehner and loves the RINO Paul Ryan. George Holding sure ain’t no Jessie. The people of my district are wise to George’s lies.

    1. Waiting for a RINO to reply,? About how great holding is? Crickets…. Votes matter people!

  5. I am backing Brannon all the way. Duncan sadly put on the brakes when he should have accelerated. I feel bad for him too, but like Pattie Curran in NC6, regardless of the districts being messed up, she just kept on going. Duncan snoozed and now he will lose.

  6. Greg Brannon is an awesome man. I have been to so many of his meetings. NC needs him in DC where ever we can get him. I am NOT a cult member or anything close. I just have a great respect and admiration for Dr. Brannon.

  7. Let me ease everyone’s concerns about the 6th District. My name is Chris Hardin and I am a veteran, a conservative, and an anti-establishment candidate. I am a limited government, God fearing, Constitution believing Republican. I stand with the people and not the establishment. I was raised on a beef cattle farm in Guilford County where my family still raises cattle today. Outside of my military days, I have lived my whole life right here in the great State of North Carolina. I have an exemplary background of public service with over 2 decades of law enforcement experience either full or part-time. I get it folks, DC is broken and the only way to fix it is to clean house. Literally it is time to kick all of them out of office. The daily haymaker wrote a great article on me a few months back in regards to my challenging Walker in the old 6th. I will be making my run in the new 6th official in just a few hours so stay tuned. If you want to find out more about me please visit

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