Lynch mob politics

I actually got an email today from someone (1) attacking me for NOT covering the ”internal lunacy” at NCGOP, and (2) wondering where The Haymaker’s coverage has been on all of this.  Seriously. michele-and-hasan-e1433772184264

Well, we were the first and – I think — only media source to tell you about the gathering of the lynch mob on Palm Sunday.    The conspirators leaked a crazy story to state-run media about Hasan “The Hacker”.   They couldn’t possibly move forward with that crazy story, could they?  Well, they DID:

From: North Carolina Republican Party
To: Interested Parties
Date: 3/20/16
RE: No Confidence, Censure and Restriction of NCGOP Chairman


The North Carolina Republican Party (NCGOP) Central Committee, in its duties to oversee the day to day management of the Party and to protect the Party’s integrity, passed a formal resolution of no confidence in NCGOP Chairman Hasan Harnett. Further, the Central Committee censured him for recent actions and pl90aced severe emergency restrictions on his duties, pending a full review of charges of gross inefficiency by the NCGOP Executive Committee.

The Central Committee expressed extreme concerns about Mr. Harnett’s actions to change prices to the upcoming convention without regard to the financial health of the party, which according to the Central Committee, has suffered greatly under Mr. Harnett’s tenure because he has fallen well short of his own fundraising goals and promises.

Harnett was censured for actions deemed harmful to the North Carolina Republican Party including making false and malicious statements about other Republicans and staff.

In adopting A Resolution of No Confidence, Censure and Restriction, the committee reviewed what it believes to be gross violations of the Party’s rules (Plan of Organization), including the following:

  1. The refusal to timely authorize the staff to send an official Call to the NCGOP Convention even after assuring NCGOP General Counsel he would do so, thereby requiring a duplication of the notice, a “gross inefficiency.”
  2. The usurpation of the power vested in the Central Committee of the NCGOP by unilaterally announcing an unapproved fee structure for the 2016 NCGOP Convention causing great confusion and consternation among delegates concerning the price of the convention.
  3. The sending of a Call to Convention to various Republicans, including to some members of the NCGOP Executive Committee, that stated fees at variamrn2nce with the action of the Central and Executive Committees of the NCGOP, which undermined the authority of these Committees and created confusion among delegates to the 2016 NCGOP Convention.
  4. The wasting of staff and volunteer time by prolonged inaction and unilateral action at variance with the Plan of Organization of the NCGOP and in opposition to the decisions of the Executive and Central Committees of the NCGOP.
  5. The posting or allowing to be posted on public blogs articles regarding the internal affairs of the NCGOP in a way that discredits the NCGOP and misrepresents facts and the NCGOP Plan of Organization.
  6. The scheduling for hearing of Petitions before the Executive Committee to remove the Party leaders without following the clear process outlined in the NCGOP Plan or Organization. The Petitions were never properly vetted to determine that they could be placed on an agenda.
  7. The taking of action which caused concern and expense regarding the security of the NCGOP computer systems and fundraising apparatus. These actions are not only “gross inefficiency,” but also have very serious implications.2nd-Joyce-Cotten
  8. The unilateral taking of personnel actions not delegated to the Chairman under the Plan of Organization. The creation of an uncertain and disrespectful environment which resulted in the loss of staff and morale.

The Central Committee passed this resolution with overwhelming support with only two members in opposition.

The Central Committee also censured member, Daniel Rufty, for false and malicious statements about other Republicans.

Has pettiness ever been so blatant and in-your-face?  (Probably not since junior high.) 

I know.  “Central Committee” harkens back to a similarly named body in the Soviet Communist Party.  What THIS group did to Hasan Harnett harkens back to the kangaroo court trials that were so common in the Soviet era. 

What is this really all about?  You know, there is always an ulterior motive to everything done by political types in the big city of Raleigh.

Let’s take the lynch mob’s numbered points one-by-one:

  1.  The story I got about the convention call was that Dallas Woodhouse — as per SOP — refused to comply with the chairman’s directives, so the chairman went forward with it himself.
  2.  I spoke to one NCGOP muckety-muck who has been part of the anti-Hasan cabal.  His brain was stuck on the whole lowering-of-the-convention-fees thing.  “If he lowers the fees, more people will come!” this imbecile sputtered to me. Really?  Isn’t that what we’re told the GOP wants?  No, not this group.  They’ve been Republicans since the days when the NC House GOP caucus wasdownload two-members strong and the GOP’s congressional representation was restricted to Greensboro and Charlotte. They’ve been the go-to people for the RNC and the presidential campaigns for decades.  They are NOT interested in giving that up to this grassroots rabble trying to breach the fortress walls and “make changes.”
  3. See my take on #2.
  4. “The wasting of time” ???? Seriously?   If we’re punishing people for THAT, then the casualty list will pile up and include many past convention leaders and inhabitants of the legislative complex.  Give me a freakin’ break. 
  5. Posting or allowing the posting of stuff about the internal affairs of the NCGOP?  I guess that stuff you guys leaked to state-run media doesn’t count, huh? 
  6. THIS is about the efforts to remove David Lewis and Dallas Woodhouse from their positions.  Lewis has backed ObamaCare and solar subsidies — in direct violation of the party platform.  And he is our rep to the national party.  He’s also facing allegations he took money from folks with direct interest in legislation passing through his committee.  *And here we are in a huff about what Hasan has said on Facebook.*   Dallas had the notorious TV interview where he appeared to be under the influence of adult beverages.  Go ahead.  Google “Dallas Woodhouse drunk” and see what you get.)   He failed to live up to fundraising promises made during his job interview.  He has been the subject of questions regarding his stewardship of Carolina Rising, and got caught telling bald-faced lies about a TV reporter who had the gumption to tindexell the truth on Tim Moore.  *And we’re worried about Hasan on Facebook.*
  7. See #1. This was really about more of the same described there.
  8. The chairman creating a “disrespectful environment”?  How can someone function when they get hired as boss, but are saddled with employees who can, with impunity, go over the boss’s head and tell said boss to POUND SAND?  

Overshadowing this is some complaining about Harnett not meeting fundraising goals — after only NINE MONTHS.  Well, the legislature created those affiliated committees which take “donations” without involving the party.

Insiders tell me that Robin Hayes and Claude Pope regularly had to go to big donors to get help paying the light bills at HQ and meeting payroll. I am told the last decent fundraiser to hold the job was Tom Fetzer.

And the fundraising Dallas Woodhouse is credited with?  It had more to do with a half dozen legislators taking money out of the party account a few months after Harnett was elected, and returning it a few months into Dallas’s term as executive director.

Here is the list of the lyncI-Am-Weasel-i-am-weasel-477958_262_200h mob members.   There are more grounds to fire THEM and Dallas Woodhouse than there are against Hasan Harnett.  (Watch out vice-chairman Nix.  You’re next.) 

I stopped giving a flip about the GOP a looooooooong time ago.  I am all about freedom from government tyranny and the preservation of what is so good about this state and this country. If you still care about the NCGOP,  you need to storm the barricades and get rid of all of these lowlifes.  These parasites are aiding and abetting the corruption and bureaucratic over-step that are  making it harder and harder to make a living and raise a family in this great state and country.

I don’t know Hasan Harnett. He seems like a pretty good guy.  He may not have been the perfect choice for the job.  But the establishment, who backed his opponent Craig Collins, has had the long knives out since the last votes were counted in June.  Hasan was elected by the people. And he doesn’t deserve the harassment he’s been subjected to since Day One. 


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        1. Um, maybe because it’s a district that Brannon and Ellmers live in? Holding is the interloper here.

  1. Unfortunately, even after several requests, the Central Committee shown here and on the NCGOP website is dated and does not reflect its current membership I.e. Legal and one or more District Chairman.

  2. Is this the way to swell our ranks and appeal to principled Unaffiliated voters? No. This is how we give fodder to the Democrats by making them look like the grownups in the room. Shame on you, Central Committee, for taking to bullying instead of joining the team and giving our duly elected Chair a hand to tackle the big issues. Don’t think our memories will be short when the time comes to vote in Greensboro. You may wish you’d waited until after the state convention to show your colors.

    1. Mattie…..what can we as lowly delegates do?? I wish I could see a reason to attend this convention but feel it will be a waste of time & money. Can you shed light on this situation?

      1. Two elected offices come up at this convention which are Central Committee votes, the National Committeeman and National Committeewoman. Both incumbents are a big part of the problem on the Central Committee and need to be replaced.

        We need to show up in force and vote both of them out, and replace them with sound conservatives.

        We also need to amend the Plan of Organization to put a stop to a lot of this nonsense that is going on.

      2. For starters, don’t abandon those of us who are going to the Convention TO FIGHT. Be there.

        Then: 1. If you’re an ExComm member, move heaven and earth to be at any meeting called to air CentComm charges against the Chairman. Even if you live in Kitty Hawk and the meeting is located (deliberately) in Murphy. You know the anti-Chairman forces will be there in force.

        2. Pick up the phone and call the Governor (919-814-2011 or 919-814-2045) and tell him to call off his Central Committee attack dogs if he wants support from you in November. If you’re a pro-Harnett County Chairman, so much the better.

        3. At the State convention, REFUSE to approve any slate of delegates to the National Convention that is not picked and publicly endorsed by Chairman Harnett himself. That’s the real reason for all of this, by the way….they’re wresting control of the National delegate selection process.

        4. Take a hard look at whatever new congressional district you live in and resolve to FIRE some current district chairs in 2017 and replace them with dependable conservatives.

      1. I actually put a Thumbs up but got a question mark. Weird.
        Anyway, I agree with what Mattie said. I’ll certainly remember when it’s their turn. And I get to vote.

  3. To the NC GOPe…
    Just received my notice of the convention, early bird registration deadline was the same day I got it, it would cost me $800 a couple to attend without the VIP lounge access. I am sure Mr. Wood head will have plenty to drink in the lounge but only he could put down $250 worth of adult beverages. The conservative movement in NC died with Reagan & Helms, I send my regrets!

    1. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

      it would cost you as a couple $180 dollars just to attend the business session and fight the evil ones… it is a outrageous amount to pay but it is this way so less people are standing fighting them

  4. I don’t go places I’m not wanted anymore. I did not leave the GOPe, it left me! If I go over there I may end up in trouble, I have no respect for paid political hacks!

    1. You and people like you are exactly why we raised this fee. We get rid of the riff-raff that calls itself the grassroots. Begone with you peasants! You need to sit back and let the important people tell you what to do, to pick your national delegates and your National Committeeman and Committeewoman. It is all about having the right people making decisions, and that requires getting rid of the wrong people, which is what this fee is all about. Raising this fee will in the big picture cost the party money, but that is not what it is about. It is about control, and when we run off people like you it helps us get that control. Go ahead and pout and do not come to the convention. That is exactly what we want you to do.

      Before this is over, Joyce Cotten will be your new chairman and Zan Bunn your new National Committeewoman while we keep David Lewis. We will have a national convention delegation that will do whatever Karl Rove tells us to do.

  5. The Plan of Organization does not provide that fundraising is a responsibility of the chairman. How is he expected to have any credibility to try to fundraise, anyway, when the bitchy little girls on the Central Committee keep undercutting him at every turn, as does the unqualified goober they hired as Executive Director?

    The chairman jpresented a qualified candidate for Executive Director who had a detailed fundraising plan and the skills to implement it, but the bitchy little girls rejected that, and hired a Karl Rove retread who was fired by AFP instead. It is that move by the bitchy little girls, otherwise known as the Central Committee, which is responsible for the party’s financial problems. I don’t think they have grown up from sitting at the in-crowd table in the Junior High School lunchroom. For them, the motto is ”Rule or Ruin”.

  6. It’s amazing how much rot is at the top of the party. Political consultants have too much influence on state party elections (so that the plums can be doled back out to them). And the POO is designed to move people up via poorly attended district conventions, nominated by slate.

    I really step back and wonder how this orgnaization can be salvaged. It was designed to function in the 19th century, but moving into an era when everyone has a cell phone.

    How on Earth is such a clumsy and insular organization going to attract people under 50 to serve in it? If it does not change, it’s going to wither away like your local Elks or Moose lodge.

    1. the PoO needs to be scraped and started over from Scratch. Scratch meaning looking at the historical changes in the document from a far back as can be located since there is not a archive of this document on the NCGOP website

      The plans of all the other state parties should also be reviewed and used as a guide in reconstructing the state plan

      A website like GitHub should be used so the documents are constructed in public and others can see the annotations and revisions and people can give input to and clarify the changes that need to be made.

      We cannot trust the changes to party documents to just committees any more they need to be state wide republican collaborations that every republican can feel ownership of and not just some document from a committee that are not structured to do what is best for everyone in the party

    2. Yes, there is way too much influence of consultants, and establishment consultants at that. The NCGOP Political Director has been controversial since her hiring due to the fact that she is a former employee of ultra slimy liberal GOP consultant Dee Stewart. Giving a slime ball like Stewart an ”in” at headquarters is an outrage. Then there is Woodhouse, who headed up the Karl Rove front Carolina Rising. During the 2014 campaign, Woodhouse kept claiming that Carolina Rising had lots of contributors, but reports filed after the election showed that it had only one, a Karl Rove organization. I wonder if Woodhouse lied in his interview in also claiming that he raised lots of money for Carolina Rising, instead of just taking Rove’s money? Karl Rove and Dee Stewart are both poison to grassroots conservatives.

  7. Generally, the accepted course after a primary is to try to unify a party, not start fights within the party. The over the top convention registration fee and going after Harnett are both efforts to start fights within the party. One wonders what the thought process is among these people. This is not the time for scorched earth.

    The very faction that is pushing all of this has two major candidates whom many conservatives are already ambivalent at best about. Burr’s voting record upsets many conservatives and many active Republicans are quite disappointed in Governor McCrory. It would seem that if they want to win in November, they ought to be making nice with conservatives to try to encourage them to vote for Burr and McCrory despite their reservations. Starting fights like this, however, creates collateral damage. It is just stupid politics.

    If Jack Hawke were still alive and running the McCrory operation again, I have no doubt that he would be jerking chains hard within the Central Committee to stop this before it got out of hand. One wonders why Burr and McCrory apparently have no advisers with the savvy to do that? It is there campaigns which may suffer serious damage from this unnecessary fight.

    Smart politics now would be developing arguments to keep conservatives on board with candidates like Burr and McCrory, not push them farther away.

  8. Don’t the folks on the Central Committee, and Mr. Woodhouse, have at least some rudimentary self preservation instinct? This is suicide for all of them!

  9. The elite Country Club cabal of Republicrats on the Central Committee will get what they deserve. They have destroyed the GOP. They can sit around and wring their hands and enjoy their own company now that the $ will stop flowing in for their RINO friends running for office. They can go get it from the Affiliate Committees they helped push through to get rid of Hasan and Michele so they could accuse them of not being able to raise $. Does anyone see how sick these people are? Rush is right as always..the GOPe will do ANYTHING to retain their power. But, they are too stupid to see they are destroying the institution they think they are protecting. I don’t really think they care.

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