THEY’RE BACK !!! (Filing for June starts …)

19425257-Funny-nerd-peeking-from-behind-the-desk-isolated-on-white-background-with-copy-space-Stock-PhotoJust when you thought you were going to get a break from the signs, ads, robo-calls, polls and other zaniness, it’s BACK.  Yes, the filing period for the June special primary has opened up.  And the candidates are coming out of the woodwork.

So far, we have eleven folks signed up for congressional races, and TWO signed up for NC Supreme Court.

One of the two judicial candidates is incumbent Justice Robert Edmunds (R).  The other candidate is Sabra Faires (UNA) — who you may remember was up to her eyeballs in the middle of the Richard Morgan-Jim Black reign of terror in the NC House. 

On the congressional side, we have former 2nd, 4th, and 8th district candidate Tim D’Annunzio filing for the 8th district GOP primary.   (Moore County is now part of the new 8th district.) 

Former Union County commissioner Todd Johnson has signed on to challenge Robert Pittenger in the new 9th district.  Republican Leon Threatt has signed up in the new 12th district.

You can look HERE for a full list of candidate filings for June.  The filing period closes ONE WEEK from today. 


8 thoughts on “THEY’RE BACK !!! (Filing for June starts …)

  1. Rep. John Blust filed today for the 13th, he’ll be a great house member. He’s a conservatives conservative

  2. Straight talk on the street:

    Jim Duncan will not file again for the 2nd.
    Illaro Pantano will file to run against Rouzer in the 7th
    At least one more General Assembly member (Jon Hardister?) will file for the 13th
    Todd Johnson will give Pittenger an upset lost in the 9th

    1. If Mark Otto stays in the race in the 7th, it will divide the conservative vote against Rouzer if Pantano gets in.

    2. That’s a shame about Duncan. The new maps are great in their continuity but I really wanted to see that 2nd D race play out. I’m a big Pantano fan but would rather see IP doing just what he’s been doing, helping the Vets in NC.

  3. I, too, have heard the rumor Otto (who’s now in the 2nd I believe) isn’t filing but Pantano is filing for NC7. Praying it’s true regarding Ilario. He could totally crush the feckless ExIM Bank, Planned Parenthood, Amnesty loving Rouzer.

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