Texts: NCGOP’s Woodhouse, Steward appear to be driving anti-Harnett effort

It appears that several members of the NCGOP Central Committee and various other muckety-mucks got together for a group text session:


The content of the text screenshots we received indicate that executive director Dallas Woodhouse is much more than an innocent bystander in the whole effort to fire party chairman Hasan Harnett:


I did too.  It’s pretty accurate.  It looks like Dallas’s co-conspirator, 9th district GOP chairman John Steward, is being manhandled by auto-correct.  “Dance” — I am going to wager — should be “Dallas.” “State” — I think — should be “date”.  Or perhaps Steward could be functionally illiterate.  (I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.) 


The legislators are WHO saved the necks of David Lewis and Dallas the last go-around.  Will our electeds once AGAIN ride to the rescue of cronyism, pettiness, and corruption?  We’ll see. 

As you read this stuff, remember that this organization is completely controlled by the McCrory for Governor campaign organization.  The governor COULD step in and calm this down IF he wanted to.  His silence speaks volumes.

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    1. Tried to figure out the significance of the April 9th and April 30th dates. I remember someone telling me session starts the end of April so I looked online. Session begins April 25th so the legislators would already be conveniently in town to “help” at the meeting. The April 9th date I am not so sure of.

      1. I called one of the people listed and asked wtf. And asked who else was on the tread. And Hasan was on the tread. Kind of funny that they included him.

  1. Maybe if the grass roots used some of this effort to raise money there would not be these problems. Sorry kids, but the establishment has earned their right to be at the grown ups table. The grass roots abandoned Hasan. They did not write the checks. They did not do anything but whine that convention cost too much. They sure can build momentum to complain. Just not fundraise, or shown up and get rid of Lewis. So if Hasan’s only hope is the gang that can’t shoot straight he should get some boxes. Want influence, bring money. Sorry, it’s unfair, it’s called responsibility.

    1. Preach it, brother!

      Who needs this riff-raff that calls itself the grassroots? Who needs volunteers to man the headquarters, go door to door, make phone calls, put up signs, distribute literature, or work the polls? All we need is a few chumps to write some checks so we can hand over the money to our consultant friends to run some ads. Oh, and pay our salaries. That actually comes first, before the ads. That is all that matters in politics.

      Our message to the grassroots needs to be – ”Don’t go away mad, just go away!” Begone, you peasants!

      Who even cares about winning elections? So what if we split the party all to hell in order to run off the grassroots? So what if that costs us elections in November? What is important is our control of the party, and why should we worry about a silly thing like elections? Richard Burr and Pat McCrory can always find something else to do with their time. So can a lot of those legislators who we are trying to sucker into our assault on the grassroots. Who cares if that makes conservatives so upset with them that they turn their backs on these legislators in November?

      We need to keep our eye on the prize, and the prize is control of our building on Hillsborough Street in Raleigh. Our friends on the Politburo . . . err . . . Central Committee understand what is really important here.

    2. You just do not get it, do you?

      Talk to any county or district chairman. The money it costs them out of their own pockets to do the jobs they do for the party likely exceeds the sum total of the checks you smug people who think that writing checks is the only thing that matters put into the coffers. Those are hardly the only positions where there is a significant personal cost to do the volunteer work that people do, but so many people who write a check but never get their hands dirty actually working for the party go around with their noses in the air thinking they are the only ones who matter,

      When it comes to writing checks, there are more places we would like to send money to help the cause than we could possibly cover. We have to pick and chose. In addition to volunteer work, I do write checks, too, well into four figures each election cycle, but I chose the best bang for the buck for the conservative cause. I used to be an NCGOP sustaining member but it has not been an effective place to send contributions in quite a few years. My local party, yes, but not NCGOP. Ted Cruz, yes, but not NCGOP. Conservative US Senate candidates in other states, and conservative House candidates in NC and other states, yes, but not NCGOP. Conservative legislators in my district and elsewhere in the state, yes, but not NCGOP.

      After the last convention, I thought it may be time to start giving money to NCGOP again but the signs of infighting were already there, and I chose to wait to see how things played out. The way they are playing out, the NCGOP will not be on my contribution list any time soon. It is not about the chairman, it is about some of those who still haven’t gotten over the results of the last convention and seem to want to keep stirring things. We need a united party, not this crap, and until we get it, sending money to the NCGOP is just plain foolish, and you do not unite a party by kicking the conservatives to the curb.

      1. Well said, Raphael.

        It seems these gurus of guile are amazingly united against conservatives. Wouldn’t it be nice if they got this devoted in opposition to the Democrats or in their advocacy of the party platform? The Central Committee has lost its way.

  2. Seems to me Harnett would be better served to go raise some money right now and prove his worth. This is absolutely what happens when a political novice is made state party chairman for no other reason but venom from those who lack the understanding of poli sci 101. This guy was a democrat just a few years ago. He had zero credibility nor paid any dues in the GOP. The guy didnt need to be the Chairman. Its just that simple.

    1. You mean like the fundraiser he held last night with Richard Petty which the Central Committee and Executive Director refused to promote?

    2. Look at the duties of the chairman in the POO. You will NOT find raising money among them. It is nice that the chairman helps in this regard, but it is not one of his duties under the Plan.

  3. One thing that was disturbing at the last executive committee meeting was that attendees were not required to show photo ID’s to sign in. That is something that has gone slack for a number of meetings now, and with Dallas Woodhouse running the staff who does the check in, and also having a dog in the fight, this is unseemly.

    With the level of turnout at the last meeting, it certainly raised questions in my mind if any were ringers.

    Those who have been around awhile will remember the election of Sam Currin to fill a vacancy as chairman over Acting Chairman Jane Rouse by one vote. Jane thought more of the party than to kick up a fuss, but there were more votes in the ballot box than there were members signed in, and that is only the minor part of the story.

    After the meeting the more serious problem became apparent. In those days, there was trust that members signing in were who they said they were. One of those working the registration desk remarked after the meeting about how many young people were on the committee from the 11th district (which was the home of a former state chairman who had a bone to pick with Mrs. Rouse). That hit Central Committee member Debbie Beatty as suspicious, so she called all of those who had attended from the 11th district, pretending to be from the hotel where the meeting was held and doing a survey on the hotel’s services. About ten of those she called who were signed in as attending the meeting told Debbie that they had not attended the meeting. Later it was discovered that the ringers sent in for these members were actually College Republicans and recruited by someone who is now a big time political consultant in NC.

    We have had the chairmanship stolen in the past by ringers. We need photo ID at all executive committee meetings to prevent that happening again.

  4. Chairman Harnett should immediately and unequivocally resign. His failed leadership and racial attacks on Woodhouse and Forsnell disqualify him from service to the party.
    The us against him atmosphere that follows him is destroying the party. The anger that he is directly responsible for is the best thing possible for the democrats.
    The myth that he was a TEA Party candidate is perhaps the biggest lie ever.
    He IS and was the Establishment’s “anti establishment” candidate to keep a real TEA Party candidate from winning.
    Ask a simple question . …..where did he get his campaign money from ?
    We need to know.
    Likeable that he can be, his ability to be an effective leader of our party is over.
    It’s time to face the truth about him.
    He is not the grassroots candidate who everyone is certain that they elected.
    How can he be ?
    He had no party experience on which to make decisions.
    He is a fraud and a phony and is going to destroy party.
    Re-read his emails and public statements.
    It’s all about him, not the party.
    Look at his record…..he has only sought to destroy, not build.

    1. Yes, he should, and who better than me to take his place? I have been doing his job, anyway, thanks to the fact that the Central Committee likes me best. Of course, I would need a salary increase, and a big liquor allowance.

    2. The establishment’s attacks against the grassroots are not fundamentally racist. They are fundamentally elitist. However, those who consider themselves as elite often do not consider blacks, in general, to be at their level, so it is a more indirect racism that is a product of elitism.

      It rankles the establishment to lose to the grassroots, but it seems to rankle them even more when the grassroots candidate they lose to happens to be black. That has happened with Tim Johnson and now it is happening with Hasan Harnett. Ada Fisher was willing to suck up to them so much that she managed to avoid this problem. Also, since she was the first, they seem to have accepted her as some kind of token.

      Hasan Harnett was foolish to play the race card himself. If he had just sat back, the media would have done that for him, and probably with greater impact.

      The one with no party experience is Dallas Woodhouse. Hasan Harnett has more party experience that Woodhouse does. Why in the world was Woodhouse hired, except that he was willing to go along with the establishment’s power plays against the chairman?

      Who should resign is most of the Central Committee, and especially those district chairmen who do not even live in their districts anymore, and I believe that is about half of them.

  5. McCrory won the Governor’s Race by 12 pts and now he will lose re-election by 12 points this fall. He could really rally pro-tea party and pro-liberty republicans and defend Mr. Harnett and win re-election in November but you put his silence on the Chairman’s debacle as well as his approval to let cops write speeding tickets to drivers going 1-9 over the Speed Limit and as Bob Uecker says in the movie Major League “You can close the book on McCrory!”

  6. Despite refusing to admit systematic racism is being used in this attempt to oust Harnett, ousting him will ensure a blue North Carolina in 2016. I am glad you all rather have Governor Cooper and President Hillary Clinton than simply allowing a leader to lead.

    1. Hey, we did not jack up the delegate fee to run off blacks, although it may do that, too. We did it to run off the riff-raff grassroots. Who needs them when they dare to defeat the candidate whom their betters had annointed to be chairman? We still need some serious payback for that transgression.

    2. problem is is that he has not led. He was elected with no experience in the party and with the POO. The people in the party that worked for him were not even there to support him. He has refused to take advice or to listen to other people or to at least consider what others are saying. His running of the last EC meeting was a total joke. He put Daniel Rufty in charge and then Rufty proceeded to violate the POO and Roberts Rules. I still don’t think that Harnett realizes what a slap it was to him when the committee voted to vacate the chair and remove Rufty. In all my years I have never seen that tactic work. If Harnet had come in and raised money and had done what he said he would then then fee for the convention could have been lowered. But he has raised almost no money and when called on it he cries racism. I say it is not racism it is incompetence. I personally like the man but I also realize he has no idea what he is doing. If he had been Vice Chair or even chair of a county or CD then he would have been in a better position to be effective.

      1. Hasan Harnett walked into a buzzsaw of the Sore Loser Caucus on the Central Committee his very first meeting. He has never been allowed to lead. This group hired an inexperienced goober as ED with the intent that this ED usurp the chairman’s powers with the Central Committee’s blessing, which he proceeded to do.

        Read the Plan of Organization. Raising money is NOT among the chairman’s listed duties. Dallas Woodhouse sold himself as a big fundraiser when he was hired by the Sore Loser Caucus to be ED, but he has fallen on his face on that. Somehow, the establishment wants to overlook that.

        Tom Stark put together the plot to save David Lewis, and putting himself in the chair was doubtless a part of it. The same point man who was making most of the Lewis faction’s motions from the floor made that one, too, so there is little doubt it was not pre-planned.

      2. There are legit issues they had to go after Hassan. Too bad they have resorted to this filthy tactic of staging a crisis and then providing the solution in errand boy Robol.

        Establishment leaders, through this failed operation, are demonstrating how inept their foot soldiers and errand boys have become. Their leadership days are numbered. Big time.

        I only hope that the general counsel is as full of hubris as he appears. We’re all watching in anticipation. The destruction is nearing and it’s totally self induced. Nothing any grass roots people have done to them, only what they’ve done to themselves. Self immolation of the establishment leaders. I’ve enjoyed those two words this year, immensely.

  7. Racial attacks my ass. Me does think someone that is a racist is screaming first. It was done to Dr. Tim Johnson and now to Hasan Harnett, This is the open admission that you have to pay the party to play. Yep these folks are whores and are for sale. No honor, No pride and no guts, Stab you in the back. The POO don’t mean crap. RIP –NCGOP. I dont give a tinkers damn you can use my name. Don Yelton and if you bring up the Daley show I know you are a stupid fool that uses a comedy show for you information.

  8. There are several NCGOP headquarters staff members in on this plotting session, including former Dee Stewart operative Katie Sullivan, who was one of the highly controversial hires that the last ED gave us on his way out. Since when is the hired help allowed to plot against the top officers? This is an outrageous situation, and every staff member in this plotting session should be summarily fired.

    John Steward was appointed by Harnett as the chairman of the national delegate nominating committee. What the heck was Harnett thinking to appoint that snake? Steward seems to taking the art of backstabbing to a new low.

    We have a huge mess at the NCGOP. Maybe the only way to get rid of this rogue staff is to starve the beast.

    I wonder what the RNC staff that works out of our headquarters has had to do with this? Did they advise or condone it? They probably could have squelched it with a Romper Room NO-NO to Woodhouse if they had wanted to. They are complicit unless they start jerking Woodhouse’s chain to stop this divisive crap.

  9. Several years ago it was normal to get $30 a head for the business session on 1000 delegates. Does it really cost more than $30K to rent a banquet hall for a weekend and serve ice water?

    1. So you’re saying that the EC (the Elite Committee) is grossly incompetent when it comes to full disclosure of whose putting the money in their pockets?

  10. Tom Stark is revealed as one of the co-conspirators against Harnett. He has a conflict of interest in making ANY ruling on this subject. If he attempts to do so or to preside at the EC meeting, an ethics complaint needs to be filed against him with the Bar Association.

  11. Boom!!!! That is the sound of Dallas Woodhouse’s mind exploding as he can’t figure out how the Haymaker gets this stuff… Too funny. Keep up the good work!!!!!!
    BTW… Due to the size of the Dallas mind, the explosion was quite small and was only audible by dogs.

    1. reall!!! we all know that this stuff as you call it comes directly from Harnett, Nix and Rufty.

  12. The white sheeted select group from the NCGOP as Dallas Woodhouse, Joyce Cotton, John Steward, Kim Cotton-West and the rest of this lynch mob should resign at once or voted out of office. Prejudice comes in many forms and this pretext is no difference.

    What’s (not) funny, but very suspicious that whenever a controversy of any sorts comes before the NCGOP the trouble makers are this consistent group of people, Joyce Cotton, Dallas Woodhouse and Kim Cotton-West and Zan Bunn.
    I just hope for the sake of the future of the NCGOP these people are forced out before all of Rome burns!

  13. The plotters’ scheme to involve our legislators as their cannon fodder in their War on the Grassroots shows how little they care about our candidates. All of these legislators will be on the ballot in November, and they need to keep Republicans united, not divided. It is bad enough to start a ”take no prisoners” war within the party this close to an election, but to try to involve candidates who will be on the ballot in a few months is just reckless and foolish. I suspect that legislators foolish enough to agree to this scheme will find themselves with conservatives deciding to ”take no prisoners” in their own elections.

    Hopefully Brant will publish names of all legislators who participate in this War on the Grassroots so conservatives across the state will know who they are. And hopefully, most of our legislators will be smart enough to stay out of this battle which is not their own. Why should they risk their own elections for a few precious little egos on the Central Committee?

  14. I personally would find a list of participating legislators very useful and submit that others would as well.

    I believe naming these individuals would help local party officials see clearly who is working to undermine the hard work… and donations… many good people have put forth on behalf of the North Carolina Republican Party.

    Richard Carter Jr

  15. Hasan Harnett blew any hopes of getting any respect with his ugly comments about Woodhouse.
    Seems like his constant public whining is much worse for everyone than if he had just been fired.
    What does he really want?
    Can’t the CC fire him?
    while they’re at it fire Nix too.
    She is just as responsible for the problems as Harnett.
    She thought she was going to push him out & get his job.
    it all really stinks.
    just hit me……he wants a buyout!
    So, how much mr chairman?

    1. The problem is that unqualified goober Woodhouse and the Sore Loser Caucus that runs the Central Committee. They are a pox on the party.

      Lots of people in the party who can see what is going on are making ”ugly” comments about Woodhouse. I have never seen a more controversial ED. It is the goober Woodhouse who is trying to suppress the votes of the grassroots at the convention by pricing them out of it.

    2. Well, Hassan made a mistake in that response. However, when one considers it was after quite some time stewing over a contrived problem by conspirators that Hassan was left grasping for reasons why do this to him; it becomes understandable or at least mitigated.

      The issue you ignore is the fabricated crisis by conspirators and then the providing of a solution by other conspirators in Robol that is now central issue. All other hurt feelings BS is out the window.

      Soon reality will set in that they cannot get the signatures to even bring the Chair up for removal. Then they’ll realize how poorly they concealed their activities. Finally, they’ll order Stark to drop this charade if he lacked wisdom and discernment on his own.

      Oh, I left out, they’ll start doing some serious praying and praising God, hoping that having learned a lesson this will all go away before it blows up in their faces.

  16. From what I’ve read, John Steed has introduced the mist rationality to this discussion. When he speaks, listen.

    So, bottom line it. In the final analysis, is it money that counts or votes? More votes come from bringing more people I not the party.

    The measurement of progress, which should be used, is how is the party doing in regard to reaching out effectively to bring new voters into the party.

    This is not the Communist Party. The honorable reason for getting into the inner circle of the party is not to line your pockets with money garnered from the working class. Elitism has to go. The crooks need to be shown the door. This party should be Of The People, By The People and For The People. It should not be for the elite. It’s time to get rid of them.

  17. It seems our representatives have stopped representing anyone but themselves and that is unacceptable. This must stop now and must never be allowed to happen again. This, all because Craig Collins wasn’t elected chairman? If Mr. Collins is such a great fund raiser then why isn’t he helping Hasan raise money? — Remember what Ronald Reagan said, “You’d be amazed what can be accomplished if you don’t care who gets the credit”………marks

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