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#ncga: Gun Lobby targets Bill Rabon

Grass Roots North Carolina, one of the more influential Second Amendment groups in the state, is baring its fangs and showing its claws at senator Bill Rabon (R-Brunswick), chairman of the powerful Senate Rules Committee: […] It’s a sad day in Raleigh when politicians who…

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#ncga: Aquarium brouhaha brings ethics complaint against coastal House, Senate members

THESE kinds of shenanigans are what people when they speak of THE SWAMP that needs to be drained:  Several state representatives and a Wilmington developer have been named in an ethics complaint that alleges bid-rigging, undocumented lobbying and antitrust violations in the planning of a…

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#ncga: Ferry Transportation Authorities (Why?)

Ferries are important modes of transportation for many of our state’s coastal residents. The NCDOT ferry division has been overseeing these ferry operations for years. Now, here come the honorables on Jones Street — namely, Senator Bill Rabon of Southport —  creating  whole new state…

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#ncga: Ooooh, that smell ….

[…] Ooooh that smell Can’t you smell that smell Ooooh that smell The smell of death surrounds you […] — Lynyrd Skynyrd _______________   We told you earlier about the sketchy doings of one Chad Barefoot and one Fletcher Hartsell.   Now, thanks to ace reporter…

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#ncga: Lights, Camera … WELFARE !!!!

Well, they approved $45 million in corporate welfare after turning down TWENTY MILLION for being too much last session.  Movie incentives also got shot down.  So far, this year it appears all bets are off.   It appears Senator Bill “Tax-Hike ” Rabon is teaming…

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#ncga: More gas tax for US, and NO gas tax for airlines

Talk about great big ones.  The same guy who wants us all to pay more for gas in our cars wants to let airliners with a presence in North Carolina go tax-free on their fuel purchases.  Yep. Senator Bill Rabon (R-Brunswick) has filed SB 187  …

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#ncga: Bill puts legislator’s hometown’s employees into state health plan

Senator Bill Rabon (R) — who, by the way, thinks we need to pay more gas tax — has filed a bill seeking to put employees of The Town of Southport onto the state health plan normally reserved for teachers and other full-blown state employees….

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#NCGA: Did state senator hit-and-run?

Wow.  Talk about bad timing.  Two days before the primary elections, a  state senator from coastal southeastern North Carolina is drawing scrutiny that could end up in a courtroom. WWAY-TV out of Wilmington has the details: […] The crew of a movie shooting on Princess Street…

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The view from UNDER the bus

THIS didn’t take long:  A leading Republican state senator issued an apology Tuesday for his remarks skewering Gov. Pat McCrory, first lady Ann McCrory and lawmakers in a private meeting about legislation to regulate puppy mills. […] Rabon called the McCrorys, House Speaker Thom Tillis and…

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The tale of the tape: Rabon’s rant makes public tensions between Gov, House & Senate

The media and The Moral Monday crowd like to paint the GOP majority in Raleigh as a juggernaut working in sync to ram through a conservative agenda.  WRAL made some hay out recent remarks by state senator Bill Rabon (R-Brunswick) to constituents about some puppy…