#ncga: Gun Lobby targets Bill Rabon

Grass Roots North Carolina, one of the more influential Second Amendment groups in the state, is baring its fangs and showing its claws at senator Bill Rabon (R-Brunswick), chairman of the powerful Senate Rules Committee:

[…] It’s a sad day in Raleigh when politicians who claim to be pro-gun act as though they are anything but. It’s an even sadder day when an honest citizen, petitioning her Representatives, is driven to tears after telling the Senator that she would relay his position on HB-746 (Permitless Concealed Carry and more) to other gun rights voters. Yet, that is exactly what happened today in Raleigh. Senator “Bully Bill” Rabon, bullied a pro-gun activist when she acknowledged Rabon’s stance on HB-746, and said that she would relay his position to other pro-gun voters.

“Bully Bill’s” Anti-Gun Stance
What was “Bully Bill” Rabon’s stance on HB-746? His stance was precisely the same stance one would expect from any random anti-gun Democrat—basically, there will be no bills moving through the senate that are not pre-scheduled, including HB-746. Translated from politi-speak, Rabon essentially said: No pro-gun bills now, and because we don’t have supermajorities after December, there will be no pro-gun bills for years to come. Sorry gun owners, but thanks for sending me back to the Senate.

Please understand that Bully Bill is the chairman of the powerful Senate Rules Committee, and so he is the senator responsible for stalling HB-746 ever since it made it to the senate at the beginning of this legislative session (that’s a looong time ago, folks). Up until now, NC gun owners have had their rights withheld by Senator Rabon, and it would seem that he aims to use his power to keep it that way.

“Bully Bill” Rabon Must Apologize, Resign Chairmanship
Enough is enough. First, Bully Bill spent the better part of a year thumbing his nose at gun owners by stalling HB-746, and now, when asked about it by a citizen, a citizen who has every right to know what is happening at the legislature, he drives her to tears. Rabon must apologize, and Rabon must step down as chair of the Senate Rules Committee. It’s time for a serious, pro-gun rights Republican to take that position. […]

Rabon is killing this bill because someone higher up in the food chain (i.e., Phil Berger or Harry Brown) has told him to do so.  Stuff like this doesn’t happen in a vacuum on Jones Street.

10 thoughts on “#ncga: Gun Lobby targets Bill Rabon

  1. This would not happen without former conservative Phil Berger okaying it. We need a new Senate President and a new House Speaker for a whole host of reasons, this being only one of them.

    1. I don’t think Senator Berger is involved with this corrupt Rabon behavior. Rabon is acting on orders from others in the business industry particularly highway construction. Investigate him for cash kick backs

  2. The “Deep State” is everywhere.
    The “Rule of Law” people are cowering.
    The result is predictable.

  3. Is our stupid GOP legislative leadership trying to run off all of our GOP base? Wasn’t the spanking from conservative Christians staying home in the last election over the betrayal on bathroom privacy in the repeal of HB2 bad enough? Why are they now trying to run off 2nd Amendment Republicans as well?

    Do our GOP “leaders” have a death wish for our party? Or they on Soros’ payroll? Or are they just incompetent? Time for a change.

  4. What a travesty.

    HB-746 needs to pass.

    Fake Republicans who ignore their party’s platform, and insult their constituents need to go away, or be sent on their way, and the will of We the People needs to be respected. That means cleaning up election fraud, too.

  5. Is that flaming liberal “Special Counsel” Brent Woodcox involved in the asinine decision to turn against gun rights?

  6. Let me bring some chopped onions and make him cry. NC constituents deserve better. He should’ve nipped this in the bud today.

  7. I’m at a loss for thoughts to how such actions against 2nd amendment proponents could possibly be correct reasoning.

    Browny Douglas

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