#ncga: More gas tax for US, and NO gas tax for airlines

rabon1Talk about great big ones.  The same guy who wants us all to pay more for gas in our cars wants to let airliners with a presence in North Carolina go tax-free on their fuel purchases. 

Yep. Senator Bill Rabon (R-Brunswick) has filed SB 187    to make that a reality for airlines with hubs in North Carolina.  Wow.  That industry’s lobbyists must have been a special kind of generous this election cycle. gasprices

Be sure to think of ol’ Bill when you’re paying significantly more at the pump later this year.  Also be sure to think of him while you’re (1) getting felt up by the TSA at the RDU security checkpoint, (2) paying through the nose for the privilege of a carry-on bag, (3) looking for your baggage that got, um, misdirected to CharlottesVILLE, AND (4) being folded up like a pretzel, being fed months-old stale pretzels, and stuffed into a space in coach class meant for a pet crate.

Viva la “conservative revolution.”