#nc-03: Dacey donated to Dems, had prominent role in Clinton-era federal ethics probe

Records indicate that, as late as 2006, Scott Dacey was giving campaign contributions to congressional Democrats from other states.  Dacey, a long-time lobbyist on federal issues, announced this week his plans to challenge incumbent US Rep. Walter Jones in the 2018 GOP primary for North Carolina’s 3rd congressional district. 

Curiously, records show Dacey gave Jones $1000 in 2003, 2005, 2007 AND 2008. (He donated $500 to Jones opponent Taylor Griffin in 2015.) 

In 2006, Dacey gave $1000 to Democrat US Rep. Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin, at-large rep for South Dakota.  In 2000, he gave $250 to then-US Rep., now US senator,Tammy Baldwin (D) of Wisconsin.

In 2000, he gave $1000 to California US. Rep. Cal Dooley (D).

In 1994, Dacey gave $750 to the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee.  In 1993 he gave $1500 to the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC).  In 1992 he gave $500 to the DSCC, and another $500 in 1994. 

In 1994, he donated $500 bucks to Illinois Democrat Dan Rostenkowski.   That same year, Dacey gave $1000 to NY senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan and $500 to then-US Rep. Charlie Rangel (D).

In 1993, he gave $500 to US Senator Russ Feingold (D).  In 1992, he gave $1000 to US Rep. Les Aspin (D), who went on to be Bill Clinton’s secretary of defense.

From 1998-1999, the waning years of the Clinton administration, Dacey was chief of staff for the National Indian Gaming Commission. 

In 2000, the final year of the Clinton administration, a federal independent counsel released their final report on the ethics investigation of Bruce Babbitt, Bill Clinton’s Secretary of the Interior.   (Dacey’s name appears 76 times in that document.) 

14 thoughts on “#nc-03: Dacey donated to Dems, had prominent role in Clinton-era federal ethics probe

  1. Wow. I thought the NCGOPe was big on party loyalty lately. No comments from 1506 Hillsborough Street?

    1. The only thing the NcGOPe and the GOP is big on is lying. Look no further than Mitch McConnell who stated with a republican president obama care would be repealed “root and branch on day 1.” Mitch has been in the news lately stating he is willing to work with democrats to improve obama care.

  2. Mr. Dacey gave $500 to D NY Charlie Rangel?? This is a disgusting offense and will seal Mr. Dacey’s loss come November.

  3. This isn’t a shocker, but to me, his personal contributions totaling $12,700 to the committee to elect John Boehner speaker just a year ago is more of a deal breaker. He is an establishment guy who is not a viable option for a congressman for Eastern North Carolina.

  4. This is the exact type of person who needs to be drained from The Swamp. Those D.C. Insiders have no party. They have no core ideology. They just float to where the money is. This guy is a whore lobbyist who can not be trusted to vote for conservative/Republican policy. In fact, he would not know a conservative tenant if it swam up and bit him on the butt.

    Establishment Republicans like the NCGOP will love him. Voters should not.

  5. With his rancid contribution history, Dacey is lying to voters when he falsely calls himself a conservative. But that is just like Taylor Griffin who was bankrolled by a sugar daddy whose big issues were supporting amnesty for illegal aliens and supporting homosexual marriage. Griffin never admitted to voters supporting either of those things, but if he had not given his New York City money man assurances on them, it is highly unlikely the guy would have been shaking the tree so hard for Griffin.

    Being a high level government appointee in the Clinton administration is also something that tells you Dacey is not trustworthy.

  6. Good grief! Can’t you just see the 2018 campaign ads – from both Dems and Repubs – listing these Dem donations and just who got the money! Rostenkowski? Moynihan?? Feingold??? Rangel???? Ouch!!

  7. It will be interesting to see how Dacey tries to spin this information. I am sure he has changed his ways and was just confused before, right?

    Not trustworthy would be an understatement.

  8. That GOP establishment would even spend money and resources to defeat a conservative republican SHOULD BE PUBLICIZED FAR AND WIDE, AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY. Take it to every local paper in the 3rd district. That should do the job. Every NC GOP official should be called out on this issue.

  9. Where Dacey’s money has been going in the two years or so is also eye opening. It is highly concentrated on campaign committees or PAC’s connected to three people – Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy, and Devin Nunes.

    Nunes is one of the more outspoken supporters of amnesty for illegal aliens on the GOP side. Not counting his contributions to Nunes own campaign, Dacey gave $10,400 to Nunes’ multi-candidate committee.

    Paul Ryan is, of course, the leader of the establishment in Congress and a big supporter of amnesty. Dacey gave him and his various committees, some of which goes to support other establishment candidates, including in primaries, $9.500.

    The kicker is Kevin McCarthy, who has a very safe House district with no need for high spending on his own race, but is Ryan’s hatchet man to put money into backing establishment candidates in primaries against conservatives. Dacey gave McCarthy and his committees a total of $20,850. McCarthy was also reputedly Renee Ellmers boyfriend while she was in Congress.

    A good example of the sort of slugs McCarthy backs in primaries is in a recent special election in Florida, where McCarthy put big money behind a former Democrat who had been a lobbyist in favor of Obamacare and a long history of contributing to Democrats over an outstanding conservative Hispanic woman who had solid Republican and conservative credentials. It is people like Dacey who fund this sort of crap.

    Dacey heavily backs the GOP establishment financially, and most specifically those who intervene in primaries against conservatives. He probably expects these guys to return the favor in his own race and they probably will..

    Then, of course, there is all that money to Boehner for Speaker.

  10. So here we are again working our hinny off to save Rep Jones form losing to a Obama-lite candidate. What about all those liberial votes in DC Rep Jones cast? If he wins I guess we will being lowering the bar on how liberial a Republican can vote. Have you seen the Heritage ranking for Rep Jones?
    We have seen the enemy and it looks a lot like us!

    1. I’ve seen his American Conservative Union ranking. 96, tied with Mark Meadows for 1st among NC Republicans. He votes against the Republican leadership on things like health care because it doesn’t go far enough. Its what conservatives have been screaming at the Senate about. No Obamacare lite! Jones just had the balls to stand up for it in the House.
      We sent Trump to the White House to be his own man. Jones has done that for many years. Replace him with someone with Dacey’s resume, especially when you know about it, and you outa be ashamed.

    2. It’s clearly not about who’s conservative and who is not. It’s more about the 3rd District Republicans and their choice of representative versus whom Paul Ryan decides should represent NC-03.

    3. Jones stood solidly conservative on all the sellout omnibus, cromnibus, debt increase, etc. bills when Boehner was caving in to Obama. He has stood solidly conservative on illegal immigration issues and has the only A olus rating from Numbers USA in North Carolina. Dacey would have been brownnosing both Boehner and Obama.

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